Jining City, rencheng science and technology strong police casts firewall
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Jining City, rencheng science and technology strong police casts firewall

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No matter what Jining the city insisted “the master plan, the target key points, the whole advancement, pay great attention the actual effect” the principle, makes take the area 110 Control centers as the first-level monitoring camera platform, the local police station, the village is two, third-level monitoring camera platform electronic video frequency monitoring camera network with all one’s strength, promoted the technical strong police model district construction powerfully.

At present, the entire district has completed district level video frequency master control center 1, the town (street) the minute to control central 6, the technique against villages (business) 136, installed camera 836, establishment public security freeze point 19, the entire district nearly 50% key spots realizes dynamic, real-time has monitored the camera effectively. Application of local experience to the entire area, technique is against layout network.

The area public security sub-bureau has established take the electronic monitoring camera, the electronic warning, the GPS satellite positioning and so on as the support method television monitoring master control center, in the important spot, the path access has set up 60 video frequency monitoring points, has established omni-directionally, all-weather, the three-dimensional entire district backbone technique against network.

The town (street) establishes the video frequency monitoring, the electronic warning minute in the local police station to control the center, to town street public security key units and so on station’s main street in a business area and main street intersection, key road section, trade market and finance, telecommunication, postal service, gas station,valuable cargo warehouse, school, hospital, implements the electronic monitoring completely.

In the institution unit, the financial profession, the school, the hospital, the tourist scenic zone, key ore business and so on, establish from become the network, the self-contained guidance television supervisory system, monitors the internal all key critical parts. In village first-level, universal installment “electronic eye”, to the main street in a business area, the difference street intersection all-weather monitoring, has the condition also to control the central networking with the town minute. Sound of something astir union, technique against result maximization.

According to the public security needs with the key monitoring spot distributed situation (security officer equipment), to adopt controls the center first in the town government station construction minute, then, develops the monitoring gradually along with the development.

According to “immediate discovery, immediate direction, immediate handling” the request, the area public security sub-bureau monitors the platform besides the organization public security police to the area town to carry on the day and nights monitoring, the science adjustment police forces deployed (cctv security equipment), take the local police station polices, the police service room personnel as the backbone, establishes four class of three revolution working mechanism, delimits the side cutting and slicing, the flowing patrol, with monitors the facility mutually for the supplement, the seamless engagement, once discovers the police sentiment, is nearby fast the police, both eliminated the guard dead angle, to extrude the crime space, and raised the reaction rate, to strengthen the scene capture ability.from:security camera equipment

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