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Join a golf club and sharpen up your game

Published by: Levi mckie (63)
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If you’re a regular golfer, the chances are you’re always trying to sharpen your game up when the opportunity arises. Granted, you might not be on the verge of challenging for major championships any time soon, but that’s not to say you can’t improve your swing or your putting. Whether you’re just looking to satisfy yourself or you want to get the better of your boss next time the pair of you step out on to the course, the drive for self-improvement is always there. But perseverance is the key, and unless you’re a total natural, you can’t just expect to turn those bogies into birdies overnight.

It’s often said that patience is a key aspect of golf, and there’s certainly an element of truth in this. Any absolute beginner who’s picked up a club only to promptly find themselves inadvertently hacking the course to bits will no doubt know just how tricky it can be to get the hang of the game. Pitch and putt or larking about at the driving range is one thing, but getting accustomed to the various hazards and quirks of the course is a different proposition entirely. But forking out full whack just to get on to the course can be a pricey affair, and millions of people across the country are currently looking anxiously at their bank statements to see where they can make savings.

Thankfully, signing up to golf club memberships comes with a range of potential benefits, giving you that added incentive to get out there and really do some serious work on your game. If you know you’ll be playing golf on a regular basis, it’s well worth joining your local golf club and taking advantage of what’s on offer. Golf club membership can help you get a bit of extra game time, which always comes in handy when you’re trying to hone your skills. In addition, you may also be entitled to discounts on clothing and equipment – and since golfing gear can be expensive, this may prove to be a bit of a lifesaver for the golfing enthusiast.

In addition, golf clubs often employ professional, PGA-accredited coaches to lend a helping hand to those players looking to work on their game. Whether you’re not satisfied with your swing action or your putting’s letting you down, you can simply approach your golf club’s resident expert with your concerns and they’ll try to put you on the right track. This can stand you in good stead come the next time you take to the links and really help you play to the best of your abilities.

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Joining a golf club could entitle you to various discount golf deals. It may also be worth signing up for golf insurance, which can give you peace of mind in the event of injury or theft of your golfing equipment.


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