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Jump Quests Guide In Maplestory

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A character starts at one part of a map, and uses timed jumps to get from one small platform to another, while attempting to avoid enemies and obstacles that can knock the character off of the platform, causing them to be forced to either start over from the beginning, or, if the character is lucky, from a certain point somewhere above the beginning. Jumping Quests can become highly annoying if the character continually falls off. Success in these quests requires great patience and control. An impatient person who gets furious whenever he/she falls is less likely to succeed than a patient jumper that perseveres. Jump quests will also fit the background of which town the quest is located in. Shumi’s jump quests will require jumping platforms in a subway, avoiding Stirges, Jr. Neckis, laser beams, electrical wires, and oil splats. John’s quests involve jumping tiny platforms while dodging balls of spikes and moving stars. Sabitrama’s quests require dodging spears, thorns, and Lupins that throw their bananas. Assistant Cheng’s one quest requires riding conveyor belts and dodging Trixters. Adobis’ quest puts the jumping over a pit of lava, with rocks falling from the ceiling.

Jump quests can be done again and again to receive random ores and jewels each time, except Adobis’ quest which always rewards EXP and a quest item on completion.

Adobis’ Zakum jump quest’s reward for EXP has been removed due to fly-hackers.

There are also two unofficial quests in the Pet Parks located in Henesys and Ludibrium. They are relatively simple top-to-bottom climbs, but they reward only closeness for a pet (2 in Henesys, 4 in Ludibrium). They may be accessed at will and repeated whenever desired, regardless of level.

Speed and Jump boosts, along with movement skills such as Flash Jump and Teleport do not work in any Jump Quest. A Fighter/Page’s Power Guard does work however. It will reduce the knock back damage done from a monster.

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