Kansas City Windows Fix The Window Pane Yourself
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Kansas City Windows Fix The Window Pane Yourself

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Just think of waking up one morning and find a broken windowpane in your living room. What do you do? The first to do would be to spot the reasons for it. Perhaps, a tree bark during the storm the night, or the dogs took a nose dive to get the neighbor’s cat or any other reason that gave way and the entire pane is now broken. Rightly, all these wondering would not fix the shattered pane. Are you afraid of paying a large amount to a glass company to come and fix it? But, it’s always better to roll up your sleeves and get down working.

Many seem to think that working with glass is un-doable. It is definitely not so. People have just worked with glass so much they have lost their fear of it. Nevertheless, you can remake your Kansas City windows just as well as a professional and a lot cheaper.

Safety above all is the tag line. Regardless of your feelings about gloves and safety goggles, use them from the beginning all through the project. If you are unable to carry out replacement windows Kansas City immediately, secure it for safety. Some type of plywood would be favored on both sides of the window but if you don’t have these, duct tape is another good alternative.

If you are able to mend the busted pane right away, the first thing you will want to do is do away with the loose, broken fragments. Bear in mind to bring the garbage can to you; so as to ensure that you do not walk across the yard with glass in your hands. Certain other tools include a putty knife, utility knife, caulking gun, silicone caulk, glazer tacks and pliers for older, wooden windows, and a measuring tape.

Once all the excess putty has been removed, you can measure the window for size. You will need to measure from both the height and the width. After you have come back from the store with your new pane, you will need to place your caulk tube into the gun and cut the tip off at a 45-degree angle. Keep in mind some brands will open when you cut the tip; others have an aluminum barrier that must be punctured before the caulk will come out.

If you have the old wooden windows and plan on replacing the glazer tacks, now is the time to do so. Set two on each side of the window being very careful not to tap the glass as you are tapping the tacks into place. When applying your bead, try to make a single pass from one corner to the next. Once you have applied the caulk to all four sides of the window, it should hold itself until the caulk completely dries.

One thing you will want to do before putting away your tools will be to use your putty knife to smooth the bead of caulk. This is done by gently placing one side of the knife on the pane of glass and the other on the edge of the frame. This in essence makes a 45-degree slant to the caulk. After you have completed the finishing touches to the window caulk, pick up your paper with its glass and old caulk shavings and place in trash. Then get a damp sponge and wipe away any stray caulk from windowpane or frame.

Enjoy your new windows (and the money you saved) until the next time something comes crashing through. !!!

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