Keep your carpet spotless by using carpet cleaning shampoo
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Keep your carpet spotless by using carpet cleaning shampoo

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It is a fact of life that accidents happen. Mud can be traipsed into the house on the bottom of our shoes and drinks can be spilled all over the floor. If you have a light coloured carpet, stains and dirt can often be the thing of nightmares. But this shouldn’t sway you on how you want your house to look. If you, or your family, are prone to spillages and other little accidents, simply investing in some carpet stain removal products can take away the constant worries and concerns that come with owning a light coloured carpet.

Some accidents are just waiting to happen though; imagine it, you’ve just had your brand new cream carpet fitted and all your friends are round, each with a glass of red wine on the go. But you may be surprised to know that some brands of carpet stain removal promise to remove red wine stains as easily as they would with lighter coloured stains, such as white wine for example! Stains are slowly lifted to the surface when carpet stain removal products penetrate deep into the affected materials. By working the product into the centre of the stain and then rinsing thoroughly, the affected area will look as good as new.

Most carpet stain removal products also contain a lightly scented fragrance as well. This is usually a fresh scent such as lemon, helping you to mask any lasting smells that may be protruding from the affected area. You may notice that your carpet is looking particularly grimy because of the comings and goings of everyday life. You’ve tried hoovering and sweeping the place, but the colour of the carpet is just not the same as it was when you first bought it.

Carpet stain removal products work better on more immediate accidents, but there are products available out there which can be used to give your carpet a good general clean. Carpet cleaning shampoo is suitable for use on bigger areas and if you want to go as far as cleaning entire rooms, it is possible to buy or rent a professional carpet cleaning machine. These products are so thorough and effective that your friends may even start asking if you have had a new carpet fitted. As with carpet stain removal products, most carpet cleaning shampoos are lightly-fragranced. But you are more likely to notice this when using the shampoo due to the fact that it is generally used on much bigger areas.

As well as keeping your house clean, using carpet cleaning shampoo may even help to improve your health if you are prone to contracting regular colds. You may not even consider the fact that you could have attained your cold from your own carpet and you are probably just putting it down to being on the kitchen floor with bare feet, or going outside with wet hair straight after taking a shower. Just as with everything else in the home, a carpet can collect dust and turn into an extremely appealing home for dust mites.

Once these little creatures die, we are essentially breathing in their remains and because most people are allergic to them, this can lead to the causes of various ailments. By regularly using carpet cleaning shampoo, and carpet stain removal products as and when they are required, you will help to keep your carpet clean and safe for you and your family

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