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Kids bookshelves

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When it comes to furnishing kid’s rooms, furniture which is the ideal combination of funky and practical is the best way to go, and those looking for kids bookshelves can find a range of items which will appeal to both children for their style and adults for their usability.

Here at Sez It All, we specialise in kids bookshelves and cool furniture for children of any age, and our items are really unique, giving any bedroom a funky and one of a kind finish. What sets our kids bookshelves apart from other options is the use of brightly coloured letter blocks instead of vertical slats.

This funky idea is well loved by all of our customers and turns a kids bookshelves item from a practical piece of bedroom furniture to an eye catching and cool storage solution. Most parents coming to us for kids bookshelves choose to have their child’s name spelled out with the letter blocks, but we are happy to provide any word, in any colour combination.

For parents with more than one child, our kids bookshelves are ideal. Children sharing a bedroom will invariably fall out over bedroom boundaries and which toys and games belong to who, and so having kids bookshelves adorned with names can help to keep items separate and ensure a harmonious household.

Our kids bookshelves are a metre wide, and the block letters can be ordered in white, red, blue, pink, mauve, and a range of other shades. This gives parents the chance to totally customise their kids bookshelves and there are countless options.

For football loving boys, block letters spelling their name, in their team colours, is ideal. For little girls with a passion for pink, our fuchsia letters look great against the white shelving of our kids bookshelves and are guaranteed to make any classmate jealous.

If you are looking for top quality and unique kids bookshelves for your home, then get in touch with us and check out our great range of one of a kind kids bookshelves. Our easy to assemble kids bookshelves can be totally tailored to fit your child’s taste, and can be changed as they grow older and their interests change.

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Kids bookshelves are provided to make your children's room that little more special. provide quality kids bookcases that you can buy online– Visit us today to see the products that are on offer!


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