Kitchen Cabinets Refinishing Myths
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Kitchen Cabinets Refinishing Myths

Published by: Rade Macura (14)
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Due to some random claims, lots of people perceive refinishing as something unworthy to do and a complete waste of time and money. Even though these so-called myths in the refinishing industry were already debunked by experts and professionals, some people still continue to believe in such claims. There is no doubt that kitchen cabinets refinishing is one of the most targeted sections in the whole refinishing industry. Given this fact, kitchen cabinets refinishing was able to produce its own myths that some people believe to this day. Here are six myths about kitchen cabinets refinishing: #1 It’s More Expensive Compared To Replacement Contrary to what many people believe, kitchen cabinets refinishing is far less expensive than a full kitchen cabinet replacement. Refinishing is even one of the cheapest methods in a kitchen renovation project. In addition, based on actual cost, buying new kitchen cabinets is more expensive than refinishing old ones. #2 It’s Too Lengthy And Time-consuming It is important to know that the amount of time needed to refinish your kitchen cabinets still depends on the number of cabinets you own. Moreover, in comparison to a replacement project, refinishing actually consumes a lesser amount of time. #3 Damaged Cabinets Can’t Be Refinished Although there is some truth about this myth, it still depends on how intensive the structural damage is. There are kitchen cabinets that are still repairable and can still be refinished regardless of the damage they contained before they were fixed. However, if the damage is quite heavier than expected and is already beyond repair, that’s the only time that it would be advisable to have it fully replaced with brand new ones. #4 Paint Odor Lasts Very Long Painting your kitchen cabinets according to the overall feature of your kitchen area creates an all-new value to it. However, if you’re concerned with the smell of paint circling inside your home, there is no need to worry at all. The good thing about refinishing is that you have the option to choose the type of material that you want to use for the project and that includes the paint itself. You can always remind your service provider to use environment-friendly paint that doesn’t produce any fumes. #5 A Plan Is Not Needed This is probably one of the biggest myths about kitchen cabinets refinishing. People think that they don’t need to have a specific plan or goal as long as everything gets refinished. The advantage of having a plan will help you to make the right decisions. If you want to renovate and remodel your kitchen, you need to have a clear objective in mind so that you can easily tie up your wants with your needs. #6 Brand New Is Always Better Brand new kitchen cabinets may be better compared to your old and used ones in terms of their physical features. However, it is also important to realize that the brand new ones will eventually become old. If the only issue with your kitchen cabinets is being old, you might want to consider refinishing them to make them look better than before. Who Should You Work With? As an ending statement, always make sure to hire the best people that could cater to your every need. This might be a pretty challenging task to do, but finding the right one will surely provide you with high-quality results. In connection to finding the right people to work with, Paintcore Finishes may be able to help you achieve that. We can provide you with top-notch kitchen cabinet, woodwork, refinishing, staining and painting services.
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