Knowing YouTube View These days people try various ways to increase views
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Knowing YouTube View These days people try various ways to increase views

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Knowing YouTube View

Initially found by three PayPal employees, YouTube, the largest video sharing website was later in November 2006 sold to Google Inc for a whopping 1.65 billion USD, but given the success of the site, this is a justified amount.

Just to give you a feel of the prowess of YouTube, I will give you the incredible statistics that shall leave you startled. Estimates say that in the year 2007, the bandwidth consumed by this site equalled that of the entire internet in 2000. It is also the third most visited website closely following Google and Facebook which are the leaders undoubtedly. Also, it is estimated that a whopping 48 hours of video get uploaded on an average on the site every single minute; one is only left to imagine the reach of this site.

What Exactly Is A YouTube View?

One very common doubt among users is regarding the views. What exactly is a YouTube view? To clear your doubts, views as the term itself implies refers to watching something, hence it is a number that gives you an idea of the number of people interested in the uploaded video. YouTube view is a count of the popularity quotient of the video. It helps the person uploading it know their reach. It is a good measure to know the success rate and the calculations for calculating the views are fairly simple. Every time a URL is accessed, and a video is played, it is counted as a view, however, refreshing a page does not add to the views, but re opening the link is taken as a hit as it is believed that you are watching it again so this obviously must be another “YouTube view”.

However, there are some contradictions with this thesis as it is not entirely transparent. The IP address of a computer is always recorded and it is believed continuous viewing of the same video from a single computer after some time doesn’t add to the view counts, although, the verity of the statement is uncertain. These issues, if faced by you yourself, need to be resolved by contacting the respective heads. However, I believe at least for the time being, you are now in a position to know what exactly a YouTube view is!

These days’ people try various ways to increase views. You can get YouTube views by promoting it using different methods.

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