L1 VISA for Executives and Managers in USA
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L1 VISA for Executives and Managers in USA

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An L-1 visa is a non-immigrant visa used to enter the United States for the purpose of working in the country. L-1 visas are available to employees of an international company with offices in both a home country and the United States, or which intend to open a new office in the United States while maintaining their home country interests. The visa allows such foreign workers to relocate to the corporation’s US office after having worked abroad for the company for at least one year prior to being granted L-1 status. The US office must be a parent company, child company, or sister company to the foreign company.

The L-1 visa is a good way for small or start-up overseas companies to expand their business and services to the United States. This is advantageous to smaller companies because its allows the transfer of a highly proficient manager or executive who has direct knowledge of operations, allowing the set up of a new branch in compliance with the goals and objectives of the company’s main office.

The L-1 visa has two subcategories:

L-1A for Executives and Managers

L –1 A is designed for intra-company executive transferees coming to work in the United States. The L-1A visa holders must have been employed in an executive or managerial capacity for the foreign company at an overseas location continuously for at least one year out of the past three years. In addition, the L-1A visa allows a company which does not currently have a U.S. office to send an executive or manager to the United States in order to establish one. L-1A visa is granted initially for 1 to three years with extensions available in two-year increments, with a total stay not to exceed seven years.

L-1B for Workers with specialized knowledge

L-1B visa is designed for professional employees with specialized knowledge. An example of specialized knowledge personnel would be an individual who possesses proprietary knowledge about a company’s product and who travels to the U.S. to impart his or her specialized knowledge to new U.S. employees. In addition, companies who currently to not have an office in the United States can use the L-1B visa to send over an employee with specialized knowledge to help establish one. L-1B visa is issued initially for three years with one two-year extension for a maximum of five years stay.

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