Labour market in the last trimester of 2011 in Romania
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Labour market in the last trimester of 2011 in Romania

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At present it is clear that Romania was given “free“ to employment. A simple look at any recruitment portal attests this. If so, by 2010 the watchword in almost every country was “layoffs“ a year or so the word begins to be forgotten or at least, replaced most of the companies ’employment’.

In large cities (for example Bucharest, Timisoara, Cluj) it became clear that once the year 2011 (when it was agreed nationally that “what was worse, the last“) to return to a level that is “normal “employment. What does this mean? Quarterly there was increase in the percentage of employment, even in the last quarter of this year compared with 2010.

But what happens in smaller cities in terms of the outlook for jobs available? In cities such talk about a job market that has not recovered as well as in major cities. Forecast for the last quarter in terms of net employment areas north-east and south-east lies the percentage values below 10%. In comparison, in the north-east the percentage goes up close to 10% (with a minus point, actually) and in the south-east chart goes only to a tiny 2%. Two good examples of cities in these areas are cities of Bacau (located in the north-east of the country) and Galati (located in the southeast of the country zoa).

Although expansion possibilities Galati talking more in terms of existing firms (eg shipyard ArcelorMittal and “Damen“, where the number of employees can be quite significant), as the number of jobs Galati (joburi Galati ) percentage of employment, as we seen, not even 5% raise. And that happens in conditions in which only the site that returned to employ this year over 1,000 people. ArcelorMittal was the only one that recovered in the top 300 firms in 2010 in the first 30 positions.
On the other hand, Bacau Agricola can be represented by Bacau Company, which since 2010 has started a process of enlargement, which is found growing in turnover recorded throughout the year. So the job market Bacau (joburi Bacau) received an “infusion of employment“ and on this side.

Work supported by fact and the number of jobs available, compared between the two cities: the difference is at least 20 jobs for Bacau, regardless of site recruitment consulting jobs. If the labor market will have risen significantly since the first quarter of 2012, remains could have also be seen even in smaller towns.

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