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Latest Programming Language

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Latest Programming Language

The search giant Google has introduced a programming language which apparently said to remove the limitation of Java and C++ and is formarly known as ’GO’.  ’GO’ is an open source programming language which is designed for applications of massive scalibility and multi processor systems.

Benefits of ‘Go’

Google ‘Go’ hints as C++, but borrows few points, such as garbage from scripting languages like Python and javascript.

Fast: According to the Google, Go compilers can produce fast code, which is comparable to C or C++ codes and are open source codes. In a demo video, the company has showed the entire language, over 120K lines of code, compiling in just 10 seconds.

Safe: The Company indicates that the language is type safe and memory safe. For random access, developers can use slices, which know their limits. The language has builds, clean syntax, garbage collection and run-time reflection.

Google added that the language has smoothness of a dynamic language but has the speed and safety of a static language.


Speed of research and development in software technology is moving at par at a much greater speed  tremendously, and its relevance has also increased exponentially by mass availability. Nowdays, software technology touches modern human life at everyplace and no human can deny importance of software technology in their life. Advancement in software strategy and development is making human life better, healthier and happier than ever before.

Cloud Computing Technology

Cloud computing is internet-based technology that can connect users to servers online to access software for computational work. This technology is much secure, faster, cheaper and better than traditional offline software. Major step taken ahead by Google within the field of technology by making advancement in cloud computing followed by Open Office and Rack space. In this year, cloud computing could witness major strive in various fields of software technology.

Mobile Software Development

Mobile technology is not a new technology but its potential has recently been found and being scaled for innovative IT solutions. Nowadays, mobile apps are being embedded with smart phones and tablets to perform hordes of computational task that are commonly performed on a computer or laptop. IPhone and iPad largely dominates mobile app market as they’re more popular for monetization and marketing. Mobile apps cover wide variety of domains extensively such as business, marketing, utility, gaming, computation, education etc. The reason behind its greater acceptability is low-cost, largest customer base and portability.

Technology News

Bluetooth and WiFi are is a concept which is there since almost a decade which most computer users don’t fully understand but it is used often through Laptops, PDAs and Cell phones. The fact is that consumers mostly are unaware of what the technology implies and how it works, they just want to use it and know that it works. While that may be the case with most of us it is always nice to have someone to ask these type of questions when such information is needed.

Fortunately, all that is required to access a vast amount of information regarding gadgets and tech news is a computer with web access. There are several tech portals which deliver several headlines a day so the best way to keep up with them is to subscribe freely to their news and updates feed so that they can be read from one RSS Feed reader, this is the case of blogs, article sites, etc.

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