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Learn More About Different Bad Breath Causes

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When it comes to dealing with bad breath, you need to take it more as a medical disorder. Medically, it is called halitosis, and it has certain symptoms, causes, and cures. If you’re suffering from this particular problem, you need to conduct some research and find a right cure for yourself.

You need to understand that you will be able to find a right cure only if you know a bit about different bad breath causes. You should also identify the exact cause of bad breath in your case. Once you manage to find the underlying cause, it becomes a lot easier to get rid of bad-smelling breath. In general, you are compelled to live with halitosis because your mouth becomes a home for odor-producing bacteria. It means that if you manage to throw the bacteria out of your mouth, you’ll have fresh breath all the time.

Speaking of bad breath causes, you will come across a few of them, and you’ll have to find the one leading to bad breath in your case. You may be suffering from halitosis due to one of the following reasons.


What you eat is one of the factors determining the quality of your breath. For instance, if you eat food with strong odors, you will have bad breath for some time. Such foods include garlic, onions, some cheeses, exotic spices, acidic beverages, and fish.

Moreover, food particles will always stay there in your mouth once you have finished eating. Over time, the particles rot and give rise to foul odors. In other cases, rotten food particles promote the growth of odor-producing bacteria. Failing to take any action would lead to gum disease and tooth decay.

Dry Mouth:

Dry mouth is one of the common bad breath causes. Due to a decreased flow of saliva, you are unable to remove odor-causing particles from your mouth. Therefore, you need to do something to improve salivation. You should also consider the causes of having dry mouth, which may include breathing through the mouth, medications, or certain salivary gland problems. Eradicating one of these underlying causes would help getting rid of bad breath.

Tobacco Products:

If you are a heavy smoker, you will have to live with bad breath. Chewing tobacco-based products may not only irritate gum tissue and stain teeth but it may also lead to bad breath.

Medical Disorders:

Sometimes, bad breath may be an indicator of something is just not right in your body. In other words, bad breath may also be due to some medical disorders. For instance, you may have bad-smelling breath due to periodontal infection, local infection in the respiratory tract, throat infection such as tonsillitis, post-nasal drip, diabetes, chronic bronchitis, liver or kidney disease, or lactose intolerance.

It is due to this particular reason that you should never take bad breath lightly. If you have this issue persisting for some time, this is probably the best time to get up and arrange a meeting with your dentist. They may check your oral health and eliminate the chances of you having some serious medical disorder.

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