Lensoviet says Russian democracy is in zugzwang
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Lensoviet says Russian democracy is in zugzwang

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Leningrad Soviet : August 1991 - democracy or the counter-revolution?

Arguments seasoned life of politicians, I believe, are of interest to readers of all ages, and even those who no longer remembers the coup, but about life in the USSR judge only yellowed on films and stories of their parents. That zugzwang! Practicing in wit, veterans Petersburg politics 20 years later called up the August putsch.

The term “zugzwang,“ which means that one of the players put in a situation where every move is worse than no progress, has been used a law professor S.N. Egorov August 22, 2011 in his report on the impact of “victory“ of the organizers of the August (1991 ) coup.

On Monday evening, hosted an informal meeting of colleagues from the Leningrad City Council, devoted to the August coup, in which all received white romance of “perestroika“ have played key roles in Leningrad. Shared views on matters of bygone days and the culture and argued such well-known in our city politics, as the founder of the Popular Front of Leningrad, Alexander Belyaev, in 1991 the chairman of the Leningrad City Council and the lawyer Yury Kravtsov, chairman of the Legislative Assembly of St. Petersburg of the first convocation.

 Each was evaluated on its own twenty-year evolution of the political system in our country and St. Petersburg and the opposition leader of the unregistered People’s Freedom Party (Parnassus) Alex Reschetov, and Leonid Romankov, Member of the Legislative Assembly three terms, and Anatoly  Golov, one of the leaders of St. Petersburg “Apple“, and , founded in 1991, the movement “Democratic Russia“ Andrei Boltyansky.

Why is it celebrated Petersburg lawyer Sergei Nesterovich Egorov described the defeat of the Emergency Committee zugzwang, taking the word “victory“ in quotes? It is clear that if the Emergency Committee to act decisively and returned to the Soviet Union as, say, 1980, that democratic principles in the form of the Leningrad City Council 21 convocation, City Council, the Russian Supreme Soviet of 1990, immediately would have been hard and relentlessly rooted out. On the liberal economy and transparency would also put an end everywhere. Without the mass persecution and outright repression would not have been more at a time to hide the disease congestive social utopia inside the state body, to force people starved to civil peace.

Emergency Committee has not received public support and ignominiously put to the archive. Let’s see what were the citizens of the USSR? The leaders of the union republics put an end to the great Soviet Union! And in the new states is much left of the freedom of thought which members of the Leningrad City Council in 1991? In Russia, the parliamentary system was turned into a vertical president two years later after the coup, to the accompaniment of tank shells aimed at the windows of the Moscow White House. Romance became a hindrance for a “landslide“ for privatization vouchers, and by mortgaging auctions. And in neighboring countries, former Soviet republics democracy distorted beyond recognition, from “life“ or “inherited“ the presidency in the East, to the “Orange Revolution,“ named Yulia Tymoshenko, in the West.

The victory - it is such a thing, said SN Egorov, which provides further definition, at least, those who won and who - is defeated. Elimination from the political stage managers union level brought to the historical stage of new regional leaders, who, as time became even worse persecutors of the people’s power, the communists of the sample in 1917.

As stressed by Andrew Boltyansky, the democratic forces took over the party apparatus, but to win the KGB did not happen. And, of course, such a powerful organization, with its power and hardware, and material and human resources for 20 years, took all the political niches that are empty, after the dissolution of the Communist Party in August 1991. Clung to power the party apparatchiks, peresevshie of seats in classrooms obkomovskih commercial banks.

All colleagues and politicians agree that we, the Russians are now much allowed. And the role of the early nineties it was the Democrats in these achievements is undeniable! We can move around the country to receive “unearned“ income from bank deposits and shares of “Gazprom“ to live wherever we want, free to travel abroad, have a few apartments, and a rollback will please anyone, if not never work! There is no explicit censorship of newspapers. The Internet is allowed to read and discuss the most voluntary subjects, up to the criticism of the government! Allowed to hold rallies, but not anywhere they choose! Books for your account, you can print, just write!

The elections became a bit harder to participate and overhead than in the early 90s of last century? So in fact even before the communists generally allow only one candidate on the ballot in almost one hundred percent voter turnout. Is lost faith in our parliamentarism?

The decline in industry in Russia will compensate the import, while the currency short. And what do we do, asked fellow politicians, if oil is cheaper? Rise putsch?

Note that ex-members of the Leningrad City Council is not so monolithic in its hatred of the Emergency Committee. The failure of the putsch in August 1991 led to the political arena until the hidden forces of evil and the shadow capital. But none of those present at the meeting of ex-MPs are not sorry for his actions and decisions made two decades ago.

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Pavel Tsyplenkov,

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