Less Snacks and Less Carbon Emissions
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Less Snacks and Less Carbon Emissions

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Fast food is simple and convenient no matter we see it in literary or in practice. However, the carbon emissions caused by it is not simple at all when comparing them with non-fast food. Fast food is a “master-hand” of carbon emissions considering the tools it cooked and the way it sold out. So we’d better eat it less to make our life low carbon.

One reason for fast food hard to realize low carbon is the way it cooked. Since most fast food shops use directly electrical equipment and original coal to cook in order to realize the aim of convenient and efficient, the carbon emissions of these two ways rank the first. The heat value and fractional conversion of these two cooking ways are relatively low, while natural gas with low carbon is hardly used.

We can estimate the amount of carbon emissions according to the electricity consumption. 1,000-watt electrical cooking equipment will consume a kilowatt-hour if it is used for an hour. Take a 2,000-watt microwave oven for example, if cooking every meal for one hour, it needs two kilowatt- hour to use a induction cooker, producing 3.14 kilograms carbon dioxide.

Another reason of choosing fast food for people is it can be taken away. But this convenience can also increase carbon emissions. Because takeaway is always delivered with disposable boxes, chopsticks and plastic bags. If you use a pair of disposable chopstictics, it will create 10 grams carbon emissions.

Nowadays, plastic lunch boxes are gradually being replaced by degradable materials, which is a big step towards environmental protection. However, the process of making and disposing needs costing a large number of human and financial resources.

The accessorial table wares of this fast food will all pollute the environment if there are disposed. Besides, when people use transportation vehicles to deliver groceries, they will also produce certain carbon emissions.

For the sake of your wallet and living environment, you should lessen the times you eat fast food. You’d better eat food in the restaurant and use your own table wares instead of degradable table wares. Thus our life will be more environmental with low carbon emission.

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