Let me See Your Heart to Make a Decision
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Let me See Your Heart to Make a Decision

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There are two boys, one is from the southern and another is from the north, they are all handsome and talented. In that university, they are both the objects of admiration by girls.

However, they both fall in love with a same cold girl. The girl feels confused. Although she looks cold, her heart likes fire and passion, and she loves them. But, love is exclusive. So, she must give up one. In the end, whom she should love and whom she should give up? Girl hesitates.

The southern boy comes, he tells the girl: “I really love you. If you choose me, no matter what you want, I will meet you.” Then the north boy also comes, he tells the girl: “I really love you. If you choose me, I will let you happy, because I know what you need.”

The girl thinks for a while and says to them: “I want to see your heart that you love me and then make decision.”

Then the southern boy picks up a sharp knife to dig out his heart and then clinches in front of the girl, waiting for her feelings and commitments; while, the north boy gives the girl a diary and says: “ this is my heart, you take your time.”

The southern boy holds his heart in hand, just let the girl’s eye stay for a line of sight. But the northern boy’s diary allows the girl to read a long time, because its content is multifarious: the girl’s cold is from her single parent family; girl’s personality is sensitive, suspicious, and is easy to temper; girl loves to eat vegetable and sweets, but hates spicy; girl does not do housework…These are all shortcomings, but every word is true. It seems he has researched her a long time. Girl is not angry about her privacy explosion; on the contrary, her face against the diary opens into a red rose.

The girl’s choice is obvious. A boy who can tolerate the shortcomings can give her a real and ancient love; but that boy who digs out his heart, in addition to show the heroic moment, he cannot let love survive. A person without a heart, how does his love depend on?

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