Life Line Screenings for Elevated Liver Enzymes
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Life Line Screenings for Elevated Liver Enzymes

Published by: Roberta Mejia (33)
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One way to prevent serious damage to your liver is by taking life line screenings.  This screening is done by monitoring the level of Aspartate Aminotransferase and Alanine Aminotransferase in your liver cells. These are also found in other cells found in other parts and organs in your body but they are more prominent in your liver.

Problems and complications arise when these enzymes mix with the blood circulating in your body. This usually happens when the cells are injured. A damaged liver or having the condition called elevated liver enzymes is no laughing matter. Even people who don’t have liver problems can develop the mentioned condition.

It is highly recommended for people taking medications that are designed to lower their cholesterol level to take this screening. Some medicines that can damage your liver are fibrates, statins, bile-acid resins and absorption inhibitors. They are good for people with high cholesterol level but if you don’t monitor the level of enzymes of your liver, this can lead to damage or even severe injury.

One can easily avoid this side effect by taking this screening. Through this you can find out if your liver enzyme level is still in the safe zone or there is a possibility that it is no longer healthy. The screening is done by a technician so you will need to bring the result to medical professionals. They’re the ones who will tell you if your liver is healthy or if there are other organs that are possibly damaged.

Life line screenings to monitor the condition of your liver can be done annually or your physician can suggest how often you should take this test. After taking your first test, ask the advice of your doctor and make sure that you will follow your doctor’s orders on how often you should be screened.  

This screening will only last for a few minutes. They will just take a blood sample from your finger and analyse it for a few minutes. You can actually wait for the result because it will be ready on the day itself. As quick as that, you can already have the results for your liver screening and you can take it straight to your doctor.

It may be quite similar to blood typing or blood testing but screening for your liver is actually a different thing. Monitoring your level of enzymes is not included in the regular test but just to be sure you can ask the people in charge if they can include in the report your liver condition.

There’s no need to make preparations for this type of screening. You can eat whatever you want the night before you will be screened or on the day itself. You are not required to fast or there are foods you need to avoid. Liver life line screenings are done to monitor the possible damage which was caused by certain medicines you’ve taken. So the result will not be affected no matter what you do or eat before you take the screening.

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