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List of Top Schools in Dehradun Rankwise

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Dehradun city is known to be the center for the quality school education across India. The city is home to the world-class educational institutes promoting a higher standard of education at school level. Further, the weather conditions make it an ideal location for learning. The schools in Dehradun are affiliated to ICSE and CBSE boards attracting the students from all across India. There are numerous schools in the city offering the best education and learning facilities to the students. The evaluation of the right school is done on the basis of multiple factors like academic reputation, individual attention, parental involvement, internationalism, life skills education and more. Here is the list of top schools in Dehradun based on the parameters like educational facilities, faculty, infrastructure, course curriculum etc. that will help you to find the right one suiting your expectations: 1. The Doon School: Affiliated to ICSE, this is one of the best boarding schools in India offering international standard of education to the students. It has an international environment catering the requirements of students from all across the world. The school prepares students according to international standards and norms. Sports are compulsory at school that help students to stay fit. Some of the sports that students can enjoy at the school include cricket, hockey, football, boxing, tennis, badminton etc. 2. The Asian School: Since inception, The Asian School has been one of the most preferred boarding schools across India. It follows CBSE curriculum and a special program is organized for students who want to prepare for the competitive exams like IIT or PMT. Educational tours are also conducted time to time. 3. Welham Girls School: Affiliated to CICSE board, the school offers skill-based learning to the students. Scholarships are also offered to the deserving students and a routine health check-up is also organized from time to time. Real or live learning is emphasized through the educational tours conducted by the school for the students.. 4. Army Public School: The school has earned a good reputation across India in providing high-quality education to civilians as well as the kids of defense personnel. It is affiliated to CBSE and running classes from I to XII. Sports activities are the main part of course curriculum that help in the overall growth of students. 5. The Doon International: This is day-boarding school in Dehradun catering to the needs of students from all across the world. It prepares students as per the international standards prevailing in most of the countries. The school provides the best learning facilities to the students and offers the best sports activities to nurture them. 6. Col. Brown Cambridge School: This is one of the best boarding schools for boys in Dehradun providing the right and quality education to the students as per international standards. It follows ICSE curriculum and provides best learning environment to the students. Ample opportunities are provided for the overall development of students. Special emphasis is given on developing the sense of responsibility, problem-solving skills, mutual respect, cooperation and more. Picking the right school is tricky and this compilation of the top schools in Dehradun will surely help you narrow down the options. Visit their websites for details on admission procedure.
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