Looking for a New Career in Chicago? Consider Becoming a Paralegal
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Looking for a New Career in Chicago? Consider Becoming a Paralegal

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Chicago residents who are looking for a well-respected career in law without the time and money commitment it takes to become a lawyer should consider training to become a paralegal. Chicago paralegal studies programs prepare students for an exciting career in law and at a faction of the time and cost required to become a lawyer. In as little as nine short months, students can be on their way to a high-profile, good paying career as a paralegal.

Where do Paralegals Work?

Paralegals that have completed their training through Chicago paralegal studies program have excellent opportunities for employment. Paralegals work in a variety of organizations, but most can be found in government offices and law firms. With the exception of giving legal advice, paralegals perform many of the same job duties as lawyers, and they are instrumental in the law process. Paralegals assist lawyers with extensive prep-work required for closings, hearings and trials including research, examining all information relevant to the case. Legal arguments, pleadings and motions are all prepared for attorneys by paralegals, and they are also able to draft other legal documents such as contracts and mortgages.

There are several different types of paralegals including but not limited to nurse paralegals, patent paralegals, immigration paralegals, real estate paralegals, and bankruptcy paralegals. The Illinois paralegal studies programs offered in the Chicago area offer students a variety of options that allow them to choose a program that best meets their needs and is most convenient for their schedule and lifestyle.

Students enrolled in paralegal studies programs study general education, rules of civil procedures, legal research and writing, family law, and criminal research and procedures. The coursework needed to become a paralegal ultimately depends on what type of paralegal work a student wishes to pursue. Students also have the option to pursue an associate’s degree program that combines general and legal education courses, or a certificate program that is designed for students who already hold an associate’s or bachelor’s degree.

Chicago paralegal studies programs offer cost-effective, convenient training to those who are ready to start their new career in the exciting, well-respected field of law.

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