Looking for a New Career in Chicago? Consider Massage Therapy
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Looking for a New Career in Chicago? Consider Massage Therapy

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If you are looking for an exciting, rewarding new career in Chicago that allows you to meet new people and help them feel good about themselves, consider a career in massage therapy.Obtaining a Chicago massage therapy certificate can open doors to many exciting opportunities.

Massage therapists have the opportunity to work with athletes, sports teams, and at some of the most exclusive spas in the area. Therapists who hold a Chicago massage therapy certificate may even choose to become their own boss and start their own massage therapy business. Business owners can choose to work out of their own homes, travel to their clients’ homes or even open up spas of their own. No matter where they work, therapists can enjoy a flexible work schedule and excellent financial earning potential.

Start By Choosing a Massage Therapy School in Chicago

In order to obtain a Chicago massage therapy certificate, students should check out the many massage therapy schools in Chicago to find a school that best fits their needs. Massage therapy schools in Chicago provide the skills and training required for certification in a matter of months. Massage therapy training requires about 500 to 600 hours of training and is a combination of both in-class instruction and hands on practice outside of the classroom. Some of the coursework necessary to achieve a Chicago Massage Therapy Certificate includes the studies of anatomy, physiology, pathology, massage therapy and practice, and even professional development.

Massage therapists may also want to choose an area of specialty at massage therapy schools Chicago. In addition to Swedish and relaxation massage, there are over 80 other types of massage therapy to choose from including sports massage, pregnancy massage, clinical massage, accupressure and Reiki techniques. Massage therapy techniques can treat injuries, ease pain and overall improve clients’ health and wellness.

Massage therapy is a well-respected profession that will allow you to meet and help new people each and every day. Check out how you can obtain your Chicago Massage Therapy Certificate from one of the many massage therapy schools in Chicago. Find out how you can get started on the path to a new, rewarding career today.

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