Make Informed Housing Choices with a Top Edmonton Real Estate Agent
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Make Informed Housing Choices with a Top Edmonton Real Estate Agent

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Planning on buying a home?  The Edmonton real estate market offers all the conveniences of a modern city and all the comforts of suburbia.  With the assistance of a highly qualified Edmonton real estate agent, your home purchase will not only go without a hitch, it will also be an exciting and a very rewarding experience.

If you’re having a tough time deciding how to get started, your Edmonton realtor can make valuable recommendations about the different neighborhoods you may want to check out and give you information about a neighborhood’s features and the pros and cons of living there.  Considerations an experienced real estate agent will bring up include accessibility to a good school if you have children; how far you’re willing to travel going to and from work; accessibility to facilities such as a hospital, fire station, and police station; accessibility to establishments such as malls and to public spaces such as parks and playgrounds.   

A good Edmonton real estate agent will also take into consideration the features you want or need your house to have.  Your agent can also help you plan ahead for the future.  Are you looking for a big, medium-sized, or small house?  What type of house do you prefer, a single-family detached, semi-detached town house or duplex, or a condominium? How many bedrooms and bathrooms do you need?  Do you want your house to have a basement or a pool?  Do you need a two-car garage?  Do you need an extra room for an office or a hobby?  Are you planning on having children in the near future?  Will you be retiring soon and need to downsize?

Your Edmonton realtor will also help you determine the budget you have to work with.  Given current conditions in the Edmonton real estate market, your agent can help you calculate how much you can afford to pay for the down payment, the maximum amount you can afford for monthly mortgage payments, and other annual and monthly expenses. 

After you have decided on the neighborhood and figured out your budget, your Edmonton real estate agent can help you narrow down your home choices.  He/she can help you schedule house viewings so that they do not interfere too much with your regular schedule.  An experienced agent can offer valuable insights about the property value of a house, its strong features, repairs that may need to be done, its value compared to other houses in the market, and many more. 

With a skilled Edmonton realtor, you can be confident that you have someone who can expertly negotiate the terms of a purchase once you’ve decided to make an offer on a house.  He/she can also help you take care of the home inspection and obtain the services of a good lawyer who will handle the legal aspects of your home purchase.  

Remember, a competent real estate agent should not only know the ins and outs of the Edmonton real estate market; he/she should also know to prioritize your needs and help you make informed housing decisions.  While you can get valuable information about real estate in Edmonton from a variety of resources such as newspaper real estate listings, real estate magazines, real estate websites and other internet tools, and even recommendations of homeowners, a top Edmonton real estate agent brings with him/her his/her wealth of knowledge and experience which you can make practical use of.  An Edmonton realtor often has other resources available exclusively to him/her which you can take advantage of to get the best deal possible when making a home purchase.

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