Making UCAS Personal Statements Stand Out From The Competition Through Professional Input
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Making UCAS Personal Statements Stand Out From The Competition Through Professional Input

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According to the latest reports from UCAS, the competition for places at UK universities is hotter than ever. With over 600,000 applicants applying for only 400,000 places in 2011, it is essential that prospective students do all that they can to make their application stand out from the rest. Including a strong UCAS personal statement, that looks beyond their grades and demonstrates the skills and experience that make them a unique candidate is often the best opportunity to do this.

A good UCAS personal statement should be focused on the course that you are applying for. Admissions officers will already have the information about your grades elsewhere in the form so it is important not to simply rehash this information in your personal statement. Instead, try to reference specific aspects of your previous studies that are relevant to your chosen course. When approached from this perspective, even courses that may seem to have nothing to do with the subject to which you are applying can become an impressive addition to your personal statement. If you are applying to a science subject but you also have a background in English, for example, you can describe the way in which your studies have prepared you for the writing and research aspects of undergraduate study. Instead of becoming something that must be “explained away”, you have transformed an unrelated subject into an opportunity to gain transferable skills that could make you a stronger candidate than most.

The UCAS personal statement is also an opportunity to talk about the extra-curricular activities that make you a rounded individual and a strong candidate. Many applicants feel they must list every interest or achievement that they can think of, however, regardless of its relevance to their chosen course. In essence, a good UCAS personal statement should remain focused on your chosen course. Try and make sure that you make the way in which your extra-curricular activities have prepared you for further study as explicit as possible. If you really can’t think of a way in which a particular activity does this don’t be afraid to think about leaving it out! A strong, focused statement may be ultimately more impressive than even the longest list of unrelated interests and achievements.

Of course, it is not always easy to gain the perspective that is necessary to sift through or own personal experiences and decide which ones and relevant and which are not. As aspects that reflect our personality, it can seem absolutely ‘essential’ to include everything that we think sums us up as an individual. But this perspective is completely essential in crafting a UCAS personal statement that really communicates your suitability for the course above all else.

With this in mind, more and more candidates are turning to Getting In, a professional writing service with extensive experience in producing UCAS personal statements for a range of courses and institution, to help them craft the perfect application. Offering a range of services, from an edit of an existing statement to the production of a bespoke personal statement for the most exclusive university places, Getting In only employ talented graduate writers from the UK’s top institutions, including Oxford, Cambridge, Edinburgh and UCL. Each of Getting In’s writers has extensive experience of writing applications for a range of courses and is skilled in applying the same talent that earned them their own place at a top university to help their clients complete high quality UCAS applications. Getting In can offer a helpful, professional perspective on completing your UCAS personal statement that could make the difference between applying and actually securing a place.

With a greater number of applications than ever, it is those that offer a clear, well-structured argument as to why you are the perfect candidate for a particular course that will inevitably get noticed. By turning to the professional help available through Getting In you can make sure that your UCAS personal statement is focused and well-written, offering the best chance to make sure your UCAS application stands out from the pack.

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