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Marine Charts are Available Online

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Marine charts are expensive, and in many countries, data are not always updated on a regular basis. There are a handful of companies who provide maritime compliance and services to offer an alternative cost-effective solution, open to all explorers worldwide. Water sports volunteers are following the example of Wikipedia and collecting the data by crowd-sourcing. The marine charts are vastly used by experienced mariners, data collectors and thousands of programmers. All these explorers are working hard to create a marine chart online with comprehensive, up-to-date, relevant data for retrieving correct navigation information online. Marine charts online show information on rivers, oceans and do not stop at the coast line but display details about the infrastructure of various places, traffic routes, harbor, and much more. With the growing numbers of surfers, divers, anglers, kayakers, and other water-sports champions, the popularity of nautical charts have become the top most priority. However, the users of the charts have usually been motorboat operators and skippers. Below are some Key features of the PDF nautical chart:  Easily Available - New PDF chart editions are available two to eight weeks sooner than traditional NOAA paper charts have been  Enhanced Readability Quality - PDF nautical charts are available in bright printed colors and hence provide the excellent readable quality. In addition to this, the files are high in resolution available at 400 dpi  Printable - The printout of the nautical charts can be available from any plotter capable of plotting 36” width to achieve 1:1 scale.  Weekly Update - PDF nautical charts are updated with critical corrections from Notice to Mariners.  Easy to read & view - PDF files can be viewed with free PDF readers such as Adobe Reader. If a viewer does not have the Adobe Reader installed on their device then they can also get it free from Adobe reader web page online. The U.S. Code of Federal Regulations sets out some rules, regulations that need to comply with the federal government. These regulations are described in 50 regularly updated titles, that cover a handful of topics including Federal, Food and National Defense Services. Shipyard companies managing mercantile vessels are responsible for complying with the U.S. code of federal regulations if seafaring under the U.S. waters. The U.S. Coast Guard is seen as one of the major enforcement agencies for these regulations. CFR 29, CFR 33, CFR 46, CFR 47, CFR 49 are the volumes provided by the maritime services that mostly consist of the regulations governed by the U.S. marine industry.
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