McIlroy won the Society of adversity
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McIlroy won the Society of adversity

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Meilan Lake Shanghai Masters champion Mike Roy if Forecast for two weeks, will also win the WGC-HSBC Champions, he was in Shanghai during the prize money will be a staggering $ 3.2 million (about 20.48 million yuan). More importantly, he will go to win in Shanghai, and the hearts of all the Chinese fans.
If Sunday is Kim in a playoff to win Masters Shanghai Lake Meilan, not Mike Roy, then no one can win in Shanghai, $ 3.2 million (about 20.48 million yuan), because Kim does not have the HSBC Championship qualifying. Of course, the story is not so developed, and Kim on the 18th green missed a 3-foot putt, gave McIlroy breathing space. McIlroy final push 1-foot putt to victory.

This victory was very pleased to Mike Roy - not only because of its $ 2 million prize, but also because this is Mike Roy persevered in the face of adversity and finally the victory. In many people’s eyes, McIlroy is a new generation of great white sharks. Although the fast start, but often in the final round collapse. This year’s U.S. Masters, he led four into the final round, eventually hit 80, drop into a tie for 15th place.
That the U.S. Open in June, when McIlroy leading eight entering the final round, when he was still in doubt whether the beginnings and ends at Congressional Country Club, victory. Of course, the kind of doubt over McIlroy and eventually shot a record score under par 16 to 8 advantage won his first Grand Slam title.

Meilan Lake Golf Club in Shanghai, the same scene took place in Mike Roy body. He took three shots into the final round, but from the first hole, his luck began to turn. Par four first hole, his attack on the green when the ball hit the pin, but his luck is back, the ball even before the bomb to the bunker into the long grass, the result bogey. The sixth hole, McIlroy missed the birdie putt three feet, and then a hole in pushing an eagle to win the hole. The ninth hole, when his attack on the green ball into the water. On the 10th hole tee shot into the hills, into the rough, second shot did not the green, landed in the rough. Three-putted the 11th hole, 5-foot putt no hole. By this time, but Mike Roy Kim, a behind.

13 holes, McIlroy chipping on the green outside, with the two was on the green, the first shot of the frog jump. 17th and 18th holes, McIlroy missed two 12-footer, no matter which one he won, he will direct the victory. “I think I can still better be: not the best time in the state championship, and will put itself in position to win.“ McIlroy said.

This time, Mike Roy did. When the first extra hole, while he and Kim into the greenside bunker, he hit an even more beautiful than Kim’s save, put on a foot, a distance are OK. Kim also played well, leaving about 3-foot putt, but Americans do not push as a putter.

McIlroy has been a great player, his talent is quite high, many people predicted that he would become the first in the world. But from now to turn pro, he won just four games victory. This figure well, but McIlroy is clearly the kind of talented players a little something.

Northern Ireland gives the two feelings, the first of his murderous enough, can not defeat the enemy at a critical time. Masters in Shanghai Meilan Lake, he participated in three European and one-stop station Korea Tour - four races two points runner-up, third place two points, but he did not seize an opportunity, even South Korea Tour events as even lower.

McIlroy admits end of the season when he has two goals, first goal is to at least win another one wins, the second objective is to catch up on - Luke Donald. The former he has achieved. The latter, it is critical that the HSBC Champions. Because of the HSBC Champions prize of $ 1.2 million, while Luke - Donald not play this week. This means that McIlroy could take this opportunity to significantly reduce he gap between the first and the world. Currently they are on the money list almost 1.3 million euros.
Of course, if the McIlroy began in the race to win, his world ranking will also be gradually increased to achieve the ultimate look forward to his people: in the world.

McIlroy has had a top star charm, coupled with his kindness, his amiable, I believe at that time, Chinese fans will belong to him, the world will belong to his fans.

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