Melancholy of Innocence by Raj Doctor
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Melancholy of Innocence by Raj Doctor

Published by: Claraf (11)
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Sixteen poems breathing reality, “Musings” is a reflection of our life­--A magnified perspective of it. Nivedita, the poet has picked the scars that usually left an indelible mark on our mind.

She has presented them from her point of view. Each of us have gone through the expereinces or will go through them at one point or the other and she has penned the poems right from the bottom of the heart. Most of the poems are free verses. Her choice of words and language flows like a river. None of the words seem forced and she has not tried too hard to rhyme them.

The poems are rhythmic. I am glad she written the different pieces of life. You, Weddings, Son, Adieu, Darkness, I work.. are some of the poems which I liked from this collection of poetry. Nivedita has not used a lot of metaphors which will confuse. She has painted each poem with the right mix of self introspection on the way we live our lives, our abandoned dreams.

While many say it is pain that makes one write, I feel it’s the experiences (at least after reading this wonderful collection, which will stay for long with me). Some of us accept it while some of us don’t. But deep down there is a lonely person who wants to come out and run through the hills, sit at the bank of the river and write. Be it poetry or prose. Purchase this book. It will touch your heart.

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