Michael Kors Mini Slim Runway Quartz MK3512 Womens Watch
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Michael Kors Mini Slim Runway Quartz MK3512 Womens Watch

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Michael Kors petite Runway watch will make a sophisticated impression every day. Cast in gold-tone stainless steel, this slim design features a sunray dial and a polished bracelet for a chic finish. Girl’s fascination with Michael Kors is based on a stylish watch formula factor – one that Michael Kors has viewed and cracked – he knows what a Lola (i.e. girl) wants in a watch! Michael Kors in spirit knows “Lola” and as the lyrics of song points out, “Whatever Lola wants, Lola gets,” and Michael Kors not only acquires what Lola wants he persists to deliver it with grand high-end formed watches that encourages all the Lolas. Michael Kors Mini Slim Runway Quartz MK3512 Women’s Watch is his signature chronograph dial watches and his oversized stainless steel watch affectionately named Runway Three-Hand Glitz (in white or rose gold tone). if you aren’t familiar with Michael Kors women watches, you may want to take a peek at these captivating beauties, however, look at your own risk as it is not unusual for many women to succumb to the urge to purchase multiple Michael Kors watches. Kors watches have eye-catching dial and appeal that beckon with a dramatic come-hither style. For instance some of the Michael Kors attraction timepieces include: Case material is PVD Gold plated and the Champagne dial gives the watch that unique look. 50 meters water resistancy will protect the watch and allows it to be submerged in water for periods, so can be used for swimming and fishing. It is not recommended for high impact water sports. We ship it with an original box and a guarantee from the manufacturer. While the easy option is flowers and a big hug, we all know they are tired of the flowers and could use something more long lasting and exciting. We think the answer is a beautiful Michael Kors Petite Norie Quartz Women’s Watch, a timeless present that simply states your love and affection without having to say a single word. Bottom line: A dress watch with metal body and the style and elegance of a designer brand all packed in a small body. Indeed somebody said, “All good things come in small packages”. Coming from the designer brand this Michael Kors Womens Watches doesn’t require any other specifications.
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