Mistakes Older People Often Make in Sleeping after Lunch
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Mistakes Older People Often Make in Sleeping after Lunch

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When the summer comes, the daytime becomes longer and it is difficult to sleep in hot night, so many old people are accustomed to have break at noon. Research shows that effective nap in the afternoon can improve brain metabolism, and supplement fresh blood and nutrients to tired brain. To old people, regular break after can also reduce the incidence of angina and cerebral infarction. The following several mistakes should be noticed.

First, struggle not to sleep. Some elderly people are afraid of difficult sleep in the evening if they have nap in the afternoon, so they insist not to sleep even they are very tired at noon. In fact, the appropriate lunch break will not affect night sleep, but insisting on not to sleep will make the brain more tired.

Second, make do with sleep. Some elderly people feel that it is simple to have a lunch break, so they often sleep casually on sofa or on the couch, or even lying on the desk. This is not correct. Sleeping on the sofa will reduce blood supply to the head, and they will have dizziness, vertigo and other phenomenon after waking up, especially for the elderly who are suffering from cervical spondylosis. So, people should wear comfortable clothes and lie on bed to have a good break.

Third, sleep for too long time. The nap time should not exceed 1 hour. If the time is too long, the brain will deepen the inhibition of central nervous system and increase the shutting time of brain capillaries, so that the cerebral blood flow will relatively reduce and body metabolism gradually slows down, leading to uncomfortable and tired feeling after waking up.

Fourth, do not sleep immediately after lunch. After having lunch, the stomach and intestines speed up working and a lot of blood in body concentrates on digestive system. So the oxygen to the brain decreases obviously, and it is not suitable to go to sleep immediately. It is better to sleep half hour after the meal.

In addition, the nap should also notice the following. Do not eat greasy food or eat too full before going to bed, because it will affect the normal cardiac contraction and relaxation and greasy food will increase blood viscosity and coronary artery disease. The sleeping position should be high head and low feet to reduce the stress on the heart. After getting up, it is better to do slight exercise on bed such as do massage on heart or breast for five to ten minutes, and then drink a cup of water.

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