Most Awaited New Year and Christmas Holidays
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Most Awaited New Year and Christmas Holidays

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Christmas celebration starts before the Christmas Day. There are several norms and nature of a Christmas Eve. The fundamental religious norm is to attend the Midnight Mass at the Church…even for those who go to the Church rarely. It’s a mixed feeling of excitement and joy on how brilliantly can this festival be enjoyed. There are so many things to do! Decoration is one of the essentials which bring in the ambience of the Birth of Jesus. Christmas trees with glittering stars also add to the essence. There is a culture of distributing Christmas Gifts to the loved ones. So shopping should be complete by the Christmas Eve. The kids are really anxious and keen on the eve, to know what the Santa has in store for them. They are almost awake for the whole night awaiting their Christmas gifts. Cookies, puddings, gingerbread, herbs, spices, poultry as well as other meats are the common cuisines of this festival.

Christmas is celebrated in various ways in various countries. Australia celebrates its Christmas in summer, since it is situated in the Southern Hemisphere. Adelaide Christmas Pageant Parade is the unique feature of the festival here. More than 50,000 Christians attends this parade. Christmas is celebrated within 24th December to 6th January. They call this period as Navidad. Children receive gifts from “The Three Wise Men“ of the “Gift of the Magi“ as well as the Papa Noel (the Santa Clause). Thus they get a double treat. China has its Christmas on 25th of December and it is a public holiday here. The people mainly go to Hong Kong and Macau for holiday trips. Wishing with greeting cards and gifts are a custom over here. Christmas is much of a religious affair in Colombia. 7th December is the Christmas Celebration day over here. People from towns and different communities gather at one place to reflect the sign of unity. The Baby Jesus commonly called as El Nino give gifts to the kids. 

Decorate the Christmas tree with flowers, holy leaves and small tinkle bells. Put proper lights and fixtures along the fences as well as on the façade of your house. Christmas is a symbol of enjoy this to the fullest. Go for small get together with your family and friends. You can also arrange for picnics or a dance party. Cuisine is one of the most important parts of this festival. Some of them are chocolate, cakes, sweet potatoes, meat balls, hams, turkey salad, chicken tikka, pastas, cheesecakes, cookies, Roman puddings, Grilled Salmon, Passion fruit etc. 

Just after the Christmas comes the New Year. After a claustrophobic busy life the New Year break is the longest span of time when people get an opportunity to spend time with their loved ones. Nowadays the easiest method to wish people is a New Year SMS. Generally this service is free on 31st December and 1st January or may be it can charge a rupee. New Year Party is another lucrative option to make your 31st the memorable day for the coming year. Delicious food, party games, casinos, pool parties, rain dance, theme parties etc. are the varied choices of entertainment. Year 2012 is 12 days away...I am eagerly waiting for it...are you?

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new year 2012 and christmas celebrations are the two important occasions of the year. Apart from sending new year gifts and cards,people also plan to know their 2012 horoscope in advance to makes life more easy.

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