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MotorStorm Apocalypse Playstation 3 Review

Published by: Sandra Prior (55)
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MotorStorm: Apocalypse is racing in the city while an earthquake is taking place. Everything around you is going to hell. Fuel tankers are exploding, passenger planes are falling out of the sky, buildings are collapsing, the landscape is shifting all the time as you continue racing your car through the streets. It’s kind of hard concentrating on winning the race when all this mayhem is going on around you.

This idea of racing may sound ridiculous. The idea is to keep your senses heightened on the racing game, but the disturbances around you is quite annoying. The difficult part is keeping your race car on course. Your car is extremely fast and still has the ability to boost giving you incredible speed, but you need water to use this feature. Fire will slow you down. Players can use this to progress through the game remarkably quickly as the added speed will save plenty of time. The boosting feature is something to rave about and quite exciting, but after a while it becomes stale. The noise of the boost will eventually plague your ears and you may opt not to use it anymore.

The audio is average. It doesn’t have any fabulous soundtracks to make the game any more addictive and the racing can become stale. Basically you will be doing so much of the same thing over and over you will realize the game lacks variety. The scenery is the same through all the levels. In order to have a successful race you have to plan your route and your strategy and keep your head when the going gets tough. It’s not an easy game to play, but the controls are reliable and respond beautiful to your commands which are a plus. 

MotorStorm: Apocalypse can be played in all the usual modes, single player, online, free race and so on. There are many exciting vehicles to choose from and race. There is even an RPG element present if you play multi-player mode. This adds another useful feature to the game. The story is narrated nicely and you will like the comic book cut scenes designed for this purpose.

If you really like racing then you won’t find too much to complain about. The graphics department has done a fairly good job to make the game look realistic and the colors are dazzling and motivational. The cars have been designed to be responsive, with powerful engines and the roar of your engine as you pass slower competitors all adds to the excitement of the game. 

If you played other racing games, you may find some of the features present in them have been removed from this one. The developers could have included a lot more features in the customization department to make the game more playable for racing fans. 

Ultimately, the game is smooth, the graphics are wonderful and the excitement stays fever pitch. It is a racing game that keeps you on your toes throughout. It will be hard to put down the controls when mom calls you to supper. 

If you’re an adult gamer, this racing game might be out of your age group. Better get it for your kids then. You’ll get more enjoyment just watching them play it.   

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