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From ancient times to medieval & medieval to modern the trend of designing interiors is always changing, ancient and medieval designs always influences the modern designs. Now let’s go little deeper into the Interior design; Then, what’s “Interior design”? Its branch of architecture deals with the enhancing the interior of building to achieve a healthier and more aesthetically pleasing environment for the people using the space. Here are some features of modern interior design; • Convenient layout • Colour spectrum on walls • Environmental friendly interior • Light design Let’s study some Myths & Facts about interior design; Myth: Interior design legislation puts non-registered interior designers out of business. Fact: Interior design laws supported by ASID do not put anyone out of business, and designers may continue to perform current services regardless of any legislation. ASID-supported interior design legislation allows designers to expand into areas (e.g., stamping, signing and submitting plans for permitting) that they were barred from previously. Myth: Interior design only confined to aesthetic talent that deals with colours, fabrics, finishes and furniture. There are no technical aspects of interior design. Fact: Interior design is a fast growing profession includes many technical aspects. Individuals working in residential settings must comply with state and local building codes. Individuals working in more heavily regulated spaces such as office hospitality, health, and education and retail must comply with building and energy codes, indoor air quality and among other health and safety issues. Myth: Instead of interior designer, architects do the same work. Fact: No it’s not true because Interior designers are trained to work in a specific element of the built environment — the interior space within the building envelope — and have accrued years of education, training and experience to become experts in interiors. Unlike many architects, interior design students take classes in anthropometrics, schematic interior design, furnishings and finishes, lighting and many other courses specific to interior design. Myth: Other professions don’t have “special” laws or licensing procedures or requirements. Fact: Most professions require testing and licensing. Some in similar professions, for example landscape architects, become certified to expand practice opportunities. Testing and licensing simply allow any designer to expand the range of services offered by affirming Myth: designs are only drawn by hands Fact: modern designs are designed by programs i.e., Name CAD is a software is used to draw 2D drawings which is then combined with 3D, and results in pictures are really close to a real one & in different angles. Myth: Interior designs can only afford by rich Fact: The actual fact is that interior designers work according to people’s budget, even they designs very small projects Myth: mostly females are working professional’s interior design industry Fact: This is the most stereotype misconception among the people in 21st century, design industry is the field where all type of genders can work (even there are examples of working professionals of transgender) CONCLUSION: All we studied from above points is we should aware of what interior design is and how it’s works, and why we need interior designers. In one word the vision of interior designer is interior design.
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