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Natural Solutions for bad breadth

Published by: RajeshKumar (55)
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Certain diseases, medicines, foods can cause a bad breath, which results from proliferation bacteria causing unpleasant odors. There are fewer chances to pinpoint the exact cause and treat it effectively but still few nature trails are worth exploring.

What causes bad breath (or halitosis)?
The thousands of bacteria that thrive in our mouths produce waste that could generate odors (sulfur smell) and contribute to the formation of dental plaque. Of course, some foods more than others (onions, garlic, cheese ...) also cause a bad breath, but this is usually temporary. Tobacco, alcohol and excessive consumption of coffee can also generate odors which are more sustainable. An oral hygiene not rigorous, gum disease, dental abscess, sinus infections, diseases, certain medications (antidepressants, antihistamines, sleeping pills, against arthritis, hypertension) and generally everything that contributes to dry mouth are also sometimes the cause of bad breath . Indeed, the bacteria causing the bad breath may grow better in dry conditions.

How naturally fight against bad breath?
In case of bad breath or mild to moderate in the absence of causes identified, several avenues can be explored to improve the breath. Obviously, oral hygiene must be perfect (brushing after meals, floss, dental jets, annual visit to a best dental clinic are necessary terms to consider).

1) Drink plenty of water and regularly throughout the day. This way, you fight against dry mouth and eliminate some of the bacteria in the mouth causing the odor.

2) Increase your rate of salivation throughout the day. Eating an orange which contains citric acid to stimulate saliva production and helps to eliminate bacteria is useful in terms of minimizing the bad breadth. In this way the term is refreshed. You can also chew gum, but make sure that they contain no sugar because sugar encourages the growth of bacteria. The bacteria also are a reason of tooth decay and in many cases it needs root canal treatment which is a costly dental procedure.

3) Use plants and foods with antibacterial, antiseptic and deodorizing natural. Eat fresh parsley, for example (it is rich in chlorophyll antibacterial). Chew a clove, cinnamon stick, fennel seeds, dill, cardamom and anise. Solicit the oils essential mouthwashes, gargles with (hot), or by directly applying a drop on the toothbrush or tongue: peppermint, lemon, rosemary, tea tree, clove, lavender, nutmeg, thyme.

4) Use a tongue scraper. If not, scrape your tongue over your teeth or using a spoon or brush your tongue with your toothbrush (enjoy it also brush your palate and the inside of your cheeks).

5) Disinfect: choose a toothpaste containing essential oil of tea tree (concentration less than 0.2%), clean your toothbrush with a little hydrogen peroxide (rinse well before the next use) and change it every 2-3 months.

6) Regarding the mouthwash, avoid those containing alcohol because they dry out the mouth and aggravate the problem of breath. Overall, beware of commercial products (those containing alcohol and sugar should be avoided) and instead ask for advice from your dentist or any good dental clinic.

7) Do not skip meals. The longer you stay sober, your mouth dries out more and more bacteria proliferate (hence the term typical alarm). Protein diets should also be avoided because they often cause halitosis (production of acetone by the body).

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