Never Changed Love and Loyalty
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Never Changed Love and Loyalty

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When God created the world, he placed all biology scattered on the ground and taught them to continue to breed their descendants. God also gave the land to the men and women, and taught them how to build shacks, as well as gave man a shovel and gave woman a grain. “Live to multiply your descendants,” God said to them, “I went to do my own thing. A year later, I will come to look at your situation here.”

Just over a year, God came with a large angel Graf lira. It was early morning, the sun rose. He saw: Next to shack sitting a man and a woman. The field in front of them is a mature grain, beside them stood a cradle, in which lying a sleeping baby. The man and woman looked at the sky for a while, while you looked at me, I saw you, smiled to each other. In their eye contact of a sudden, from their eyes, God found a lack of understanding of the beauty and power of some kind never seen before. This kind is better than the sky and the sun, earth and wheat - better than God created everything. This kind of beauty made God puzzled, and fell into a panic.

“What is this?” He asked the Archangel Graf lira. “This is love.” “What does love mean?” Angel shrugged helplessly head. God walked in front of men and women and asked them what love was, but they could not explain it to him. So God was furious. “From now on you will grow old. Every moment of life to spend your youth and strength until naught! 50 years later I come back to see what your eyes still keep, damn people ...

50 years later, God came with Graf lira again. This time he saw the original place in the shack had been built up a house made ​​of logs, and wasteland was changed into the orchard, the ground with golden wheat, their sons were in the land, and their daughter received wheat, grandchildren were playing on the grass. Old man and old woman were sitting in front of the house, sometimes looked bright red glow, sometimes you looked at me, and I saw you, still smiled to each other. God saw unparalleled beauty and greater strength from their eyes, which also contained a new thing.

“What is this?” He asked the Angel. “Loyalty” Archangel replied, but still not exactly explained. God was furious: “Damn man, you have little time to live. I have to see what your love can become?” 3 years later, God took the Archangel Graf to come here. He saw: there was a man sitting on a small mound. His eyes looked full of melancholy sadness, but the eyes still made God feel a kind of beauty and strength as in the past. This has not only love and loyalty, but also contained something else.

“What is this?” God asked the angel? “It is spiritual pursuit.” God gazed for long time, and then deep in thought, finally went away. Since then, people had become the God of earth.

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