New way of keeping kitchen clean
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New way of keeping kitchen clean

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If you are looking to design a kitchen floor plan for free, you need this advice! While some kitchens are more complicated than others, these are the basic steps for remodeling your kitchen or designing a new kitchen.

Having a good feeling in your kitchen is key. Your kitchen should be comfortable and appealing. And your kitchen cabinet design will add to that comfort when you’ve put your own finishing touches on them.

Many people today are choosing kitchen cabinet design that has lots of color. Many people like a brightly colored kitchen and choose the cabinets to match. You can get cabinets in candy apple red or silver gray to match your desire. Even older cabinets are getting an update these days with a splash of color. A new paint job can totally transform even the worst of cabinets.

The very first things you are going to need to do to design your kitchen floor plan is a tape measure, pencil and graph paper.

Take careful measurements of your kitchen. Be sure when measuring your kitchen that you measure from kitchen wall to kitchen wall, not from the kitchen cabinets. Mark all of your wall measurements on your graph paper to make your kitchen floor plan. Be sure that each square on your graph paper represents one foot or 6 inches so that your floor plan is a good representation of what your kitchen looks like. It is important to not only draw the line but to mark the exact measurements above the line. Next you will need to take careful measurements of your doors and windows and draw them on your graph paper kitchen layout.

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If there are any other structures in the kitchen that should be noted, be sure to do so. For example, if your chimney runs through your kitchen, be sure to mark that.
Now it is a good time to measure from floor to ceiling and mark that in your sidelines.

After you have taken all your measurements of your kitchen it is time to start designing your layout of your kitchen using a floor plan you will build on line.

Your kitchen design is on its way! On these websites you will be able to insert kitchen appliances and kitchen cabinets into your floor plan that you designed!   

If you haven’t yet started researching your kitchen appliances, now is the time to do so, so that you have all the measurements you need to design your beautiful new kitchen!

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