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New York New York Times

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New York Times is the very famous and popular newspaper. The newspaper was founded on 18 September 1851. New York Times is a daily American newspaper. It is incessantly published since 1851 in New York. This newspaper has won many prizes than any other news organization. The New York has won Pulitzer prizes for 106 times which is very admirable for any news organization. The New York Times was founded by Henry J. Raymond who was the journalist and politician. The newspaper was published every day except Sundays. But in 1861 when civil war was started the demand for daily coverage is increase and newspaper started published on Sundays.

The New York Times building is located in New York City at 113 Nassau Street then later on it moves to 138 Nassau Street and then to 41 Park Row. This is the first newspaper which has its own building only specify for it uses. Now the headquarters of the New York Times is at 620 Eight Avenue.The New York Times is divided into three sections which also includes the magazine the three sections included are News, Opinion and Features. The News section includes the news from international, national, business, science, sports, weather and education. The opinion includes the columns, letters to the editor, editorial posts. And the feature includes the news about movies, art, tourism, fashion, dinning, garden, theaters, Sunday magazines and Sunday reviews. The New York Times are very durable for their news and reviews. The reputation of this newspaper is remarkably good and it is a big platform for the political and social news. The New York Times has also won version of proceeding awards in 2010. The first color page is published on 16 October 1997. It was one of the last newspapers who adopted color prints.

The New York Times has also started web presence since 1996. The website of New York Times is ranked as one of the top news web sites. The domain name of this newspaper is nytimes. In 2009 its web site was the most visited web site with 20 million visitors. With the passing times now the New York times are also available on the iphones and iPad mobile devices. The New York Times has also its digital reader with which is created by the partnership between the newspaper and Microsoft. This is introduced in 2006 all the print news are convert in to the online reporting. The New York Times newspaper has giving ultimate facilities to its newspaper reader. The New York Times has introduced app for the iphone and iPad in 2008. It is an awesome service which facilitates its reader to download and read the articles on their mobile devices. With the passage of time The New York Times in 2010 introduced another service which was the daily publishing content through the ipad touch app and an ipad app. On the internet each reader can have access to 20 articles monthly free of cost but if reader wants more then it’s important to subscribe first.

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