No Complications Or Inconveniences In The Wisdom Teeth Extraction With The 3D Technology
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No Complications Or Inconveniences In The Wisdom Teeth Extraction With The 3D Technology

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Are you dealing with the wisdom teeth pain and afraid to step forward for a wisdom teeth removal Sydney surgery? Here comes “the CBCT technology”. A study reveals that CBCT assists on obtaining optimal risk assessment and suitable surgical planning of wisdom teeth Sydney when compared with the panoramic radiography. Let’s make a close study of this CBCT technology and how it impacts in the wisdom teeth removal. What Is CBCT And How It Works? CBCT is the abridged for Cone Beam Computed Tomography. It gives the 3D images of your teeth, nerve path ways and bones in a single scan. This rotates around the patient for 30 seconds and seizures the data with the cone shaped X-ray beam. What Are The Advantages Of CBCT Over The Conventional X-Ray? - Produces a high resolution 3D image which shows the relationship between the impacted wisdom teeth and the nerve. - Reduces the risk of complications like permanent nerve numbness - Safe and predictable surgery that helps the surgeon to remove the exact amount of the jaw bone - Aids for a better wisdom teeth removal Sydney healing - Low radiation exposure When Do The Oral Surgeons Go For The CBCT Scan? The oral surgeons generally suggest the CBCT scan for the following assessment to reduce the rate of risk factor. - Impacted teeth - Placement of the dental implants and its orientation - To examine the quality of the bone - Analysing the nasal cavity - Study the nerve position for the wisdom teeth removal - Spotting the origin of the pathogens - Treating the jaw tumours What Are The Conditions In The Wisdom Teeth Removal That Necessitates The CBCT? - Wisdom teeth superimposing on the mandibular nerve when observed in a normal X-ray - Dislocated nerve canal noticed in the conventional radiographs - Bended nerve canal at the juncture of the wisdom teeth root witnessed - Evident pathogens or cysts observed - For a complex procedure where the teeth extraction includes from the root that goes deep into the jaw How CBCT Helpful In the Wisdom Teeth Removal? The CBCT plays an important role in the wisdom teeth extraction. Dental surgeon needs to know where the vital nerves, arteries and the jaw bone are and their structure to carry out a complication free wisdom teeth removal. So don’t panic as the wisdom teeth removal is risk free.
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