No Matter How High the Peak is Less Than Heaven
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No Matter How High the Peak is Less Than Heaven

Published by: Toryyang (355)
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There is no doubt that we stand high and see far. In the process of I climb, I clearly know my way forward, and the road showing in front of me is so clear. Any of these details along the way- flowers, sand, litter, and mosquitoes… all the things that may be encountered, as long as I want to know, they are so clearly reflected in my eyes. In this climbing road, any rough and confusing intersections cannot stop me to climb up.

However, when I finally stand on my own hill after a hard climbing, when I stand the top of mountain and experience the highest feeling, and when I can actually look around without any obstruction of my sight, I suddenly found, there is no road leading to a more distant parts. All even become so confused!

Where can I have to go? Where?

Even if you stand on the highest hill, you cannot reach paradise. Then stand on our own hilltop to make a lonely narcissistic! Let the whole world set you as an example of struggle. However, each people have his own mountain to climb. Moreover, the people who have boarded the mountain that they aspire to, in addition to laughing at their own history, but still can find the peaks with the hopes of their future? Not to mention the afterlife. I do not want to give up my pursuit, I do not want to live lonely in this mountain, and I have to find another part of my mountain.

Down! There are too many roads towards the foothill, compared with the mountains, it is too cruel. After all, each road towards hilltop has the same vertex. But I choose which way to go down? You cannot turn back, if you came back, it is a complete negation of your own. You might as well find another way to go down the mountain, although you may encounter a cliff; do many people not fall into the abyss on the way down the mountain? But ultimately this is a decent road, is a fresh way, perhaps is a way full of flowers, or is a thrilling way…at least it allows us to retain room for fantasy.

We may smoothly down the mountain, and on the way through another round of story; maybe we fall into a hopeless abyss. However, who can predict all this.

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