Not the Less the Sugar Contained In Milk Powder the Better for Babies
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Not the Less the Sugar Contained In Milk Powder the Better for Babies

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Guidance: How to choose suitable milk food for babies has always been mothers’ most troublesome problem. Some mothers think that milk without sugar is the best, because too much sugar intake is not good for the baby. However, sugar is also very important for the baby. Then how to make decisions in the end?

Some mothers believe that the less the sugar is, the better. And they even hold that milk “without sugar” is the best. In fact, sugar is very important for the baby, and can bring many benefits for the baby. If you want to have a deep understanding, then we need to begin with sugar (carbohydrates).

What is sugar?

Sugar, also known as carbohydrates, includes a variety of sugars such as glucose, fructose, lactose, sucrose, maltose and starch.

Sugar (carbohydrate), fat and protein are three necessary nutrients for the healthy growth of the baby. After being digested, sugar can be converted into heat, which is the most important and easiest source of the energy needed by the body.

Where does the sugar come from?

In fact, all natural foods are sweetened. Breast milk and milk contains lactose. As for the other sugars, they are commonly found in our daily vegetables and fruits.

The importance of sugar

Sugar is the body’s essential nutrient. Baby needs to consume enough calories from sugar to meet the needs of physical activity and rapid growth and development. Conversely, if eating no sugar or eating too little, the heat will be extracted from the protein, which will directly affect the metabolism and heat supply, thus hindering the healthy development of your baby.

Newborn babies mainly have the intake of calories from the lactose in breast milk. But for babies more than six months, apart from the intake of calories from lactose and sucrose for older infants’ milk powder, they can also have the intake from solid food, such as infant cereal, bananas and apples, because these foods also contain starch, sucrose and fructose, and so on, which can meet the needs of energy for infants and young children.

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