Not to Miss Attractions for Travelers Boarding Flights to Auckland
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Not to Miss Attractions for Travelers Boarding Flights to Auckland

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Auckland is the largest urban area of the country of New Zealand. Although it is not highly populated it provides an irresistible charm and compels plenty of people from around the world to get cheap flights to Auckland. Rich in attractions the city is mostly cultural and natural in nature and type. It was once the capital of the country. Presently it is the major center of commerce and industry of New Zealand. The place is often quoted as the most vibrant, bustling and multicultural place of the country. It is blessed with umpteenth number of appeals. However, some of the truly amazing places which must be witnessed by all landing on this terra firma include the following:

Auckland Museum

This famous attraction of the town that deserves to be visited by all who have taken Auckland flights from their native places is located on a hill in the south eastern part of the metropolis. This spot is known as the house with the largest collection of Polynesian artifacts. Objects related to the history of the country are also on display in the museum. The place is the home to a children’s discovery center too where the little ones can come and learn. The most important feature of the Auckland Museum is its 30 meter long Maori war canoe which was known to have been built some 150 years ago.

Parnell Village

The Parnell Village is a beautiful village situated on the western side only a few minutes away from the heart of the metropolis. This place has a rich historical background and thus invites plenty of historians from overseas to get flights to Auckland to get here. The initial families or the founding families’ houses of the city are located at this place. Also, it is the home to the earliest church and cemetery of the conurbation. Plenty of traditional, exquisite restaurants are available in the area too. It is known to be the most expensive area of the town.

Crystal Mountain

This beautiful sightseeing spot covers an area of about 40 acres. Those who are planning to take cheap flights to Auckland from their hometowns are advised to witness this place without fail. This place is a well known, peaceful spot in the conurbation. It is situated at about 20 kilometers away form the heart of the metropolis. It owns a gallery which contains New Zealand’s largest collection of rare materials, minerals and crystals. Most of these stones are imported from other mines around the world.


Highwic is known to be one of the country’s first carpenter gothic home. It was built in the year 1862 by a then successful businessman and landowner. The owner had 21 children and this was their home. Beautiful furnishing of antiques is the main feature that makes this spot a must visit attraction for those boarding Auckland flights. This place is located near the new market and is thus easily accessible from everywhere.

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