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Number one on Google on a budget

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Are you a SEO specialist? Or a web designer who constantly strives to help their clients crawl up the Google rankings by use of effective Search Engine Optimisation?

It’s not easy is it? And it can involve rather a lot of work, which some clients just don’t seem to appreciate. The following is the kind of thing that makes my head fall and hit the desk in despair. It’s not just the naivity of the client, it’s the almost hostile attitude they hold towards us hard-working web designers, as if we’re all out to make a fast buck at their expense.

I noticed a post on a freelancers job board the other day from someone demanding to be “number one on Google“ for their specific search term, but, and here’s the funny bit, they “will pay £100 and not a penny more!“.

Any SEO specialists out there willing to spend days on end writing blog posts, arranging reciprocal links, monitoring analytics and helping this rather naive (not to mention aggressive) person to the top of the heap so they can start raking in the cash? For £100? Thought not. That could work out at about 10p an hour, if you were good enough.

What is it about our industry that allows clients to think they can name their price? Do these people walk into Harvey Nichols and demand a new handbag, shoes, a couple of dresses, a meal in the restaurant and a haircut and insist they’ll pay no more than £40 for the lot?

Probably, but they’d be booted out in no time, and here’s hoping they’re met with a similar response here.

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