Nutrition Comments on Six Fast Food Snacks Mostly are Unbalanced in Nutrition
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Nutrition Comments on Six Fast Food Snacks Mostly are Unbalanced in Nutrition

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During the holiday, people either go on sightseeing or go shopping and lei fallow, enjoying the happiness of holiday. However, during this period, how the quality of the diet is? The fast food in tourist spots, on the top of various emporiums and many other places, can they provide people with adequate nutrition? What are the characteristics of the common fast food? Let’s listen to nutrition experts’ comments.

1. Meat pie package

Comments: There are meat and food supplies but no vegetable. You have to go to buy cold blended vegetables, thus it can basically meet the nutritional balance. Meat contains a certain proportion of fat, so people with high cholesterol should pay attention.

2. Mutton soup or pita bread soaked in haggis soup

Comments: There are almost no vegetables. Green onion and coriander together weigh not more than 10 grams, which is rather less than that required in a meal—200 grams. The fat is not high, but the salt poisoning. It is recommended that you should add a small plate of blanched green leafy vegetables with no salt and eat with food in the soup. The advantage is the content of protein, iron and vitamin B family is relatively high, and haggis contains vitamins AD.

3. Bridge noodle

Comments: starch and protein can meet the need. But it is lack of vegetables, and minerals and dietary fiber are not enough.

4. Rice with meat or vegetables on top

Comments: Although a wide variety of such rice, for example, with ribs, braised pork, beef, chicken, fish, etc. on top, and also with a few vegetables. But basically, there is more meat and less vegetables, and meat and vegetables is difficult to achieve a reasonable proportion. All the staple food is rice, lacking coarse grains, beans and potatoes.

5. Tingling spicy hot pot

Comments: A rich variety of foods and fat content is moderate. If one can choose more green leafy vegetables, algae and potatoes, then a meal can meet nutritional needs. However, the tingling spicy hot pot is often salty and the time for cooking vegetables is too long, so the nutrient losses.

6. Ramen

Comments: The bowl of salty soup noodles cajole people to eat. It is seriously lack of vegetables, and with no grains and beans. The variety of food is very monotonous, and salt is poisoning.

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