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Office makes unusual use of artificial greenery

Published by: Dirk Rowell (64)
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People use artificial greenery, including silk flowers and so on, for a variety of reasons. Often, they are utilised by firms and consumers to brighten up rooms. For example, they are popular in restaurants, hotels and houses around the UK and in many other countries around the world.

However, it is not common for people to leave up artificial Christmas trees all year round. Traditionally, these objects are taken down on January 6th following the 12 days of Christmas.

But one woman has noted that she defied this trend and left artificial greenery of this kind up in her office for an entire year. Writing in the Standard-Examiner, journalist Becky Wright revealed she was in the process of taking down the tree in the publication’s office in January last year when she was accused by one of her colleagues of being a kill joy.

Initially, she planned to leave it until the end of the day and then take it down. However, she then decided that it would fun to decorate the object in honour of other celebrations throughout the year.

For example, when it came to Valentine’s Day, she adorned the tree with boxes of chocolates and plastic champagne glasses. She also placed bottles of sparkling juice at the foot of the creation. Meanwhile, the writer added a red ribbon from her “gift-wrapping stash“ and shaped it into a heart with the aid of a wire.

Meanwhile, on St Patrick’s Day, she placed a real violin on the tree and added a leprechaun, along with paper shamrocks, plastic coins and fake gold.

Because of the range of products available these days, people can really let their imaginations run wild when coming up with interior decorations. Whether they want to buy silk flowers or any other such things, they can find them quickly and easily online.

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