One of my favorite restaurants in Soho, London
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One of my favorite restaurants in Soho, London

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Spring has sprung in London this week the windows have been thrown open at Randall and Aubin in Brewer Street and other restaurants and Bars in Soho, crowds are gathering outside the pubs and bars, queues of good looking people wait holding glasses of wine to get into their favourite restaurants while being entertained by the people on the mad streets of Soho.

The corner of Brewer Street and Rupert Street is possibly one of the most entertaining in London, if people watching is your thing. After walking around and being asked some interesting familiar Soho questions by some ‘exotic‘ SOHO people in Rupert Street we wondered up from Shaftesbury avenue or Theatre land, the change of the people from Shaftesbury avenue to top of Brewer street is like a different continent! Rupert Street is having certainly a gentrification. New and wonderful additions like the very popular Spuntino and a lovely but oddly place Japanese cake shop leads on to SNOG froxen yohurt shop that looks like it landed from the future.

We managed to sneak a couple of front row seats in the window of the Soho institution called Randall and Aubin, in its 15th year quite an achievement in the current climate, but they do what they do very well . The recession has cut a lot of the dead wood out of the market and the good have survived and some exciting new restaurants born.

From our window seat, we sat listening to truly brilliant music. I say that being a music lover, the set they played was better than any DJ I have heard. They mixed old remixes with jazz and the some classic dance tracks and remixed remixes of great songs. I asked the manager to make me a copy of it. I wanted to make sure it was as good when I got home!

We ordered some of the house Champagne their own label which was great value and delicious 24 oysters and decided we would start our evening there. We had an extremely amusing gay waiter from Brazil! Who managed to flirt with both me and Amme my date, well actually very good friend so with the music dancing in our ears the huge disco ball glittering above the oysters and champagne slipping down beautifully were have a great evening. Across the road the staff from Patrick Cox, Cox Cookies and Cake were dress in their uniform of black tee shirts say various things in neon style writing like ‘Eat Me’ and others in black leather studded aprons were dancing in their shop to Kylie. On the corner outside SNOG there were some sort of preachers, and the beginnings of the Cabaret from the Box (they were really, but should have been) were standing outside Prowler promoting some sort of Alterative night club around the next corner.

Queues now forming at Madame JoJo’s and the street getting solid in traffic people seemed to be pour into and out of everywhere. Eventually the queue for Randall seemed to obscure our view as it reach down the length of the whole frontage.

It was like watching a crazy scene form a studio with 10 different casts all rehearsing their roles in the same place , and everyone seemed to be enjoying them self . Some heckling and banter but that made it seems more intimate.

After our Oysters we had a Lobster and Chips each and more Champagne, it was really a brilliant and uplifting night, thoroughly unexpected too.

I had some much fun I don’t remember what the bill was, but even that made me smile by the end of the night.If this is the summer in London, then I can’t wait.

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