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Online Olympic Game Tickets: Start early to get Best Seats

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We all know that the 2012 summer olympic games are round the corner and all the sports fans are eagerly waiting for this event which is going to be held next summer at London, United Kingdom. There is an estimate of about more than 8 million olympic game tickets which are going to be available. This includes all the many events which would take place. There would also be a few free events which would take place where there is no ticket necessary to watch these events. The tickets would be sold on the official World Olympics website and they range from £20 to almost £2,000. 

Olympic Games:

 The 2012 Summer olympic games is expected to host around 26 sports games. They are then further divided into 38 disciplines. The common sports which are held every Olympics are Archery, Diving, Athletics, Tennis, Volleyball, Weightlifting, Wrestling, Handball, Judo, Cycling, Boxing, Badminton, Basketball, Football etc. These sports have further sub divisions such as Cycling has Mountain Biking, Track Riding, and Road Riding etc. There are chances that there could be an approval for more sports to be added but the information on it still remains confidential. There is a special addition of Twenty20 cricket this Olympics.

Olympic Games 2012:

The games are expected to start near Stratford to attract tourists to that area. There would be wide broadcast of the games. The broadcasting sector of Olympics is one of the highest revenue fetching fields. The official mascots of the  olympic games 2012 are named Wenlock and Mandeville. The logo of the games was designed in such a way that the number 2012 is molded in the logo. A maximum number of games are going to held in the city of London itself. The most famous Wembley Stadium which is considered to the most expensive home stadium ever built is going to host the football games this 2012 Olympics. This mega sports carnival’s tickets are available in market and online portals so why are you waiting just book your seat in the stadium.

Olympic Games Schedule:

The last and final olympic games schedule of the games was released in the month of February. The opening ceremony is supposed to be held on the 27th of July. The first event to be held is going to be Archery. Many Olympic fans are eagerly waiting for the commencement of these events. The average number of games to be held each day is around 18. The total number of events is predicted to be 302. They Olympics in United Kingdom is going try and preserve the eco system by creating an Olympic Park which would host a lot of wildlife habitat.

Summer Olympic Games:

The preparation for the Summer Olympics has been widely talked about and the work is said to be overwhelming and top notch. A lot of domestic sponsors and partners are funding the cost of the preparation and staging of the games in London. The most prominent of them are Adidas and BMW. Other sponsors are Coca-Cola, McDonald’s etc. The list of sponsors is just endless.

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In this year 2012 just book olympic game tickets for mega sports carnival olympic games, get schedule and details for london olympic games 2012 with hotels and bus services information.


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