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Opening ceremony of the HSBC Champions Dragon

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2011 WGC-HSBC Champions is not particularly large the opening ceremony of the “wow“ element, “wow“ element comes from the stars who attended the opening ceremony of the five candidates. Tuesday in the same location last year - the Bund Peninsula Hotel, the world’s second Lee - Westwood, U.S. Open champion McIlroy, U.S. PGA Championship Keegan - Bradley, WGC-Bridgestone Invitational Champion - Adam Scott and defending champion Francisco - Maurice Donnelly traditional Chinese dragon dance in the opening of this year’s WGC-HSBC Champions. Not difficult to find in this list, this year’s four majors champion missed two.

Since the inaugural event held since 2005, the HSBC Champions will be held before the game, a grand opening ceremony. This tradition continues down this year. As well as the continuation of the opening ceremony of the Chinese elements. This year’s Chinese elements is “dragon.“
Dragon in China has a long history, Han Miscellaneous notes will record such a spectacular scene: In order to pray for rain, people wearing colored Technicolor Dreamcoat, Wu Qi colored dragon. Gradually, the dance, “Dragon“ became the people to express good wishes, praying Renshounianfeng must form, especially in the celebration of the festival, people are more long-hand dance “dragon“, giving vent to a cheerful mood.
Tuesday, participate in the golf superstar dragon include: Lee - Westwood, Mike Roy, Keegan - Bradley, Adam - Scott and Francisco - Maurice Donnelly. They dance in the lead under the guidance of staff, performing several forms, one of the most interesting is the defending champion Italy, like hand-held golf ball of the other four stars, divided into two teams, hand dance queue, form a so-called “two dragons grab beads. “

As every year, a Chinese elements,so do not be surprised China correspondent.They surprised the place is to participate in the opening ceremony of the big names. Many people have speculated that the opening ceremony of the players in this year’s four Grand Slam champion is the defending champion Francisco - Maurice Donnelly, above which at least five players. However, actual participation in the opening ceremony of the only two Grand Slam titles, the lack of a British Open champion Darren - Clarke and U.S. Masters champion Shore - Binchois Zell.

Of course, the organizers sponsor its own reasons. Lee - Westwood ranked second in Luke - Donald absence,he is the world’s highest-ranked player this week. As for Adam - Scott is a fan favorite star Chinese one, and he is a World Golf Championship.
That this year’s “five-star lineup“ can be interpreted as: “Two World Championship Grand Slam title two highest-ranked player this week.“ Such a surprise, do not know if this year’s competition also indicates that there will be surprises?

Over the past year, too many players break through, too many new faces emerged, somewhat like the opening of five players. Of them just only Lee - Westwood had previously participated in the opening ceremony, the rest are new faces. Golf in the pattern of change. This should be a good thing.

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