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Organic Cane Sugar Supplier

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By organic cane sugar, it simply means that the sugar cane was grown organically without using any synthetic herbicides or pesticides. Organic cane sugar is lightly refined or almost pure white. Organic sugar is produced without synthetic pesticides and herbicides, no matter what color it is. By choosing organic products also reduces the overall pesticide load on the environment.

Natural sugar usually refers to those sugars derived from plant material. Natural sugar is produced from plant matter and not made in a lab. In some countries, sugar substitutes are considered non-natural sugar because they are made in a lab from chemical compounds. If we go by this definition, then sugar made from beets, cane or fruit would be natural sugar, while sugar substitutes like saccharin would not be natural.

We all know that products which are labeled as natural enjoy significant popularity in these modern times, but in early 2008, the Sugar Association was disappointed by the fact that the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) would not allow them brand their cane sugar products as natural. Over the years, we have seen that there is an ongoing battle to define natural sugar and what it means. In the US, people will not see “natural” applied to table sugar, brown sugar or powdered sugar unless the FDA changes course.

In some cases, we might see that when people discuss natural sugar, they are actually referring to sugar that is less processed. If we go by this logic, then the term could be applied to things like raw sugar, which is not processed fully.

The White Mountain Group, LLC on one of the leading supplier of natural Mexican & Brazilian sugar in the United States. Our natural Mexican & Brazilian sugar comes in different pack sizes and multiple varieties. We serve the entire country and we are able to fill orders within 7 days.

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The White Mountain Group, LLC was started in September of 2009 and is one is the fastest growing redistributors and packers of sugar both domestically and globally. Our sales offices are located in Bedminster NJ, New Orleans LA, Atlanta GA, and San Francisco CA.


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