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Our pick of the best river cruises

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With holiday river cruises becoming more and more popular in recent years, a brand new generation of global explorers is being drawn in by the truly special travel experiences that the rive cruise offers. A river cruise trip might not be as grand as the larger ocean going cruise liners, but river cruise holidays has seen something of a revamp over the past decade, and now offers a range of services that are designed to make cruising fun for those who have never tried it before. From onboard restaurants to entertainment and tours, river cruises are making impressive leaps forward in terms of providing the most comfortable travel experience.

When you think of river cruises, you tend to think of European destinations such as the the two most popular river cruise destinations in Europe, the Danube and the Rhine, however you will find that there are river cruise holidays available all over the world, including some exciting new routes through Vietnam and Cambodia. River cruise holidays in Cambodia most often leave from Siem Reap, and travel past amazing fishing villages, glorious temples, and the stunning giant Tonie Sap lake. As part of your Cambodian river cruise you will be given the chance to take a Phnom Penn tour with a professional guide to answer all of your questions, and sail through the mighty Mekong visiting its floating markets.

A trip down the Nile in the MS Misr is a journey that you will remember fondly for years to come. The MS Misr is a traditional paddle steamer, which was refashioned in the form of a luxury holiday cruiser for King Farouk in the early twentieth century. Enjoy the company of the professional Egyptologists who are onboard the ship in order to give informations about the Niles most renowned landmarks.

The Regina Rheni II cruises down the Rhine from Amsterdam to Maastricht. As some of the highlights of this popular river cruise, you can taste some fine wines in the Alsace region of France, and take advantage of excursions to see cuckoo clocks being made or fine dining restaurants.

If you are one of the many holidaymakers are dissuaded by the thought of cramped cabin spaces, then you may wish give one of the selection of many newer river cruise boats a try. One of the most recent additions to the European river cruise fleet is the astonishingly long Space Ship provides the largest cabins available anywhere, and includes several spacious communal areas.

If you are keen to take to the water but do not like the impersonal nature of huge ocean liners, give river cruises a try insteas.

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