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Outrageous Mali Tips

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Mali is officially known as the Republic of Mali. Mali is situated in the Western Africa. Mali is bordered by Algeria on the north side, and bordered by Niger on the east side, and bordered by Burkina Faso on the south side, and bordered by the Guinea on the south west side and bordered by Senegal and Mauritania on the west side. The size of Mali is almost 1240,000 squares kilometers. The population of Mali is about 14.5 millions. Mali is 24th largest country in the World. The size of Mali is comparable to the South Africa. The most of country’s parts are lies in the south side of Sahara, which creates hot and dust loaded Sudanian savanna zone. The area of Mali is flat. The weather of country is almost hot. The areas of Mali receive less rainfall but droughts are common. The rainy season in Mali is end of the June to the start of December. Flooding of the river is widespread in these rainy seasons. The nation of Mali has substantial natural resources which include gold, phosphates, salt, kaolinite, limestone and uranium. These are widely browbeaten. Mali has also some environmental challenges including deforestation, desertification, soil erosion and improper supplies of potable water.

Mali has eight regions and one district. The regions are controlled by governors. Each region has its own governor. The Mali is also further divides in to 703 communes, 288 arrondissements and 49 cercles. City councils has right to elect Mayors. The names of Mali’s regions are Sikasso, Tombouctou, Koulikoro, Mopti, Gao, Kidal and Kayes. The name of district of Mali is Bamoko. Bamako is a capital district. The Mali has lawful democracy which is governed by the constitution of January 12 1992. this law was amended in 1999. The President has executive power. President is elected for five years term. The President is head of the State and also the Commander in the Chief. President has right to appoint the Prime minister who act as a head of government. Then Prime minister appoints the Council of ministers. The election in Mali is usually after fiver years. The Mali’s powerful and highest court is Supreme Court which has judicials and administrative powers.

Mali’s foreign relations are increasing because Mali changes its Foreign policy. After 2002 the Mali’s relations with West and with the United States have improved drastically. Mali has long lasting and very good relations with France. Mali also takes parts in regional organizations like African Union. The main policy of Mali is to resolve regional conflicts with these countries such as Liberia, Sierra Leone and Cote d’lvoire. The military of Mali is consisting of Land forces and Air forces. The military of Mali has not very strong; it has poor weapons and equipments. The military needs of rationalization. Islam is the dominating religion in the Mali. The 5% population is also Christian. There are many health problems in Mali due to the poverty and insufficient hygiene and sanitation. Education in Mali is free.

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