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Painters and Decorators in Glasgow

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When looking for painters and decorators in Glasgow, there are a host of resources available to the consumer. Whether you are looking for a painter to do a single small room or office, or a Glasgow designer to oversee a large new project, you can find exactly the painting and designer services you require by using the available online resources.

Of course you’ll want to find a painter/ decorator in the Glasgow area who can offer you high quality finishes for your walls, from paint and paint effects to wallpaper and tiles, for a reasonable price, and for help on that you’re in the right place. So whatever you need to know about painters and decorators, whether it’s the types of qualifications you can expect from a painter/ decorator, to the name and address of a decorating team near you, check out what the internet has to offer.

If you are thinking of employing the services of a decorator or painter to help put the finishing touches on your home or business then it is worth knowing a little bit about the decorating industry beforehand.

Painters and decorators come in an assortment of types, from the odd job home decorator who often works by themselves on small decorating projects, to large scale commercial decorators who work in teams as part of a painting contractors firm or as part of the maintenance team of a local Glasgow authority or hospitals. Commercial decorators tend to work on decorating places like offices, factories, shops, churches, halls, and restaurants to give them a professional finish.

Typically painters and decorators in Glasgow usually work a typical 9am-5pm week but may be flexible with hours for the customer’s convenience. Their job includes measuring surfaces to see how much wall space needs to be decorated, interacting with the customer or the interior designer to find out the wall covering required and the effect that needs to be created, preparing surfaces i.e. stripping, cleaning, filling holes and cracks and priming the walls, as well as the actual covering of the wall.

Most Glasgow painters and decorators are trained on the job as apprentices; however there are also qualifications for painters and decorators in Glasgow to achieve. Qualifications designed for professional decorators and painters in Glasgow include vocational courses such as The City & Guilds Basic Skills in Construction award: Painting and Decorating and the Construction Industry Training Board (CITB) Intermediate/Advanced Construction Award in Decorative Occupations (Painting and decorating). These courses educate decorators and painters in a variety of decorating tools and techniques including paint spraying equipment, steamers, varnishes, paints, solvents and even blow torches. Because of the variety in the range of skills a decorator in Glasgow can have it is worth checking with the decorators you contact for price quotes that they can do the work you require and have experience of doing it.

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