Painting Baby Nurseries with Mythicpaint
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Painting Baby Nurseries with Mythicpaint

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Bring on the summer babies! Many parents out there are in a scramble to get their baby nursery decorating started with the newest addition/s en route. What’s the first thing on their decorating list? Painting! Parents are in search of safe and environmentally friendly paint that is seen and not smelled.

Mythic paint, the zero VOC, non toxic and low odor paint, is here to save the day. Mythic’s interior home paints are not only environmentally friendly but also come in a vast array of colors to fit any color scheme or nursery theme that you can think of—especially from the Land of Nod collection!

The plethora of colors straight from the leading children’s furnishing store, the Land of Nod collection are perfect for boys and girls. Paint an accent wall for a focal point, paint the trim a different color than the wall to add dimension and incorporate stencils or murals to add texture. These tips are sure to make for a space that will be a safe haven for the little one. With interior paint colors like “She Sells Sea Shells”, “Pool Party”, and “Sunny Side Up”, summer babies will come home to a room perfect for the season!

Interior Painting Prep
When it comes to painting a room in your home or office, preparation is very important. Starting an interior paint job is hard without a paintbrush or pan!

If you don’t already have these necessary items, purchase them beforehand at one of your local paint stores or online. Be sure to get paint brushes and rollers, durable plastic paint pans/trays, a paint edger, paint can opener and even stir sticks. To get you started, Mythic paint has a great 15-piece paint kit online.

Before painting a room, make sure to take all of the furniture out or move all to one side. Then, cover the floor and any furniture left in the room with drop cloths. Mythic paint, a no VOC, environmentally friendly and latex paint, is great on walls but bad on carpet.

Remember to also take down any curtains and to cover or take off wall plates from electrical outlets and switches. From there, prep the walls for any holes or scuffs and take out any nails. After the walls are ready, outline the edges with masking or painters’ tape in order to not get paint where you don’t want it to go—like the ceiling!

After prepping, get out your interior Mythic paint, and you’re ready!
New Paint Job
Wanting to change the look of your home? There is no better way than a new paint job! Remodeling is expensive and landscaping doesn’t show immediate results (waiting for plants to grow in takes time). Painting, on the other hand, is cheaper and instantly pleasing.

First, whether painting the interior or exterior, buying the right paint is crucial. These days, non-toxic paint is the way to go and can be found at local paint stores or online. For instance, Mythic paint is a very environmentally friendly paint and is zero VOC. Mythic paint also includes latex and is fast drying and durable.

Next comes prepping and choosing paint colors. We will discuss prepping at another time. Mythic paint comes in a variety of colors. From white to aqua to brown, there is a color to fit anyone’s style and color scheme. Take a look at them here. Still not sure which color/s to choose? Pick out a great statement piece in your home, like a vase, picture frame or fabric, and use that as your inspiration. With so many Mythic paint colors, one will surely match.

 So, if you are painting your front porch or kitchen or any other space, choose Mythic paint!

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