Party Heels To Make Valentine Balance
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Party Heels To Make Valentine Balance

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The world would be a much better place if every human being followed and practiced the language of love. One of the days on which we celebrate love is Valentine’s Day. It is a traditional day on which people express their love for each other by giving roses and gifts to each other, sending greeting cards and lovely messages to each other and also offering sweets and chocolates to each other. People also give a teddy bear as a token of love. In the recent times, Valentine’s Day symbols are the heart shaped outline, doves and the figure of a cupid with wings. Lovers wait excitedly and anxiously for this day to express and celebrate their love and affection towards each other. Actually, rose day celebration on the 7th of February marks the beginning of the Valentine week and it goes on till the 14th of February as the Valentine’s Day. On Rose day the atmosphere is engulfed by the sweet fragrance of rose’s .People propose to their boyfriends and girlfriends or express their affection for their friends and relatives. A large number of boys and girls also participate in valentine’s day party and games to enjoy.

There are various types of games which people play relating to food, word building, counting, searching and relay races. People use various modern day tools available across the world to check their compatibility with their partners. One such tool is love calculator which is a program developed to check if a relationship between two people would be successful or not .It is a prize winning software and has also featured in many magazines and newspapers and has also appeared on many radio and television shows. There is another tool by the name of love meter which analyses the love and affection between a boy and a girl based on their names and we can try different names to obtain the best match. It is mainly designed for fun and people use it, as it offers a lot of excitement.

As far as the history of Valentine’s Day is concerned, it dates back to 1929 and is known as valentine’s day massacre. On this day at 10.30 am, seven men were killed brutally making it a very notorious killing done by the gangsters. The whole country was in shock to hear about it. During that time (popularly known as the Prohibition Era), gangsters used to rule the cities of greater importance. They used to earn money by owning brothels, gambling places and wine shops. In 1920’s Chicago was divided by two gangs one led by Al Capone and the other by George “Moran“ Bugs. Both of them wanted to kill each other and obtain power, prestige and wealth. On 14th February 1929,Al Capone got a chance to do so and he killed seven men of Moran’s gang and had a perfect alibi so was never tried in court. He opened fire on Moran’s gang when they were completely unaware. Undoubtedly, he became very famous and got the attention of the Federal government.

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Celebrate this valentine's day party with great passion and fervor. You must plan for something different on this upcoming valentine's day that may add more color in your celebration, Find lots of modern and traditional valentine gifts to send your loved ones.

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