Permanent make up will boost you confidence
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Permanent make up will boost you confidence

Published by: Abbey smith (264)
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There are many reasons for wanting to undergo permanent make up, but the prime two are cosmetic and surgical. Sometimes people are born with a slight disfigurement, say facially, and this will disturb them, as they feel society looks at them in a different way. From a cosmetic viewpoint it maybe that you feel that your lips are not full enough, or that the shape of your eyebrows is not what you would wish for.

Almost every type of wish you may have can be dealt with, but is absolutely essential that the person performing the make up is properly qualified. There have been far too many reports of botched permanent make up work that has gone wrong, and instead of assisting the recipient the work has left scarring both physically and mentally.


Many women feel that their lips are too thin and that they would like to be fuller as this improves their appearance. Their lips may not be even and they feel that they have a twisted smile. A good make up professional can assist in correcting these perceived imperfections.  These corrections will be of a permanent nature.


For women eyebrows are an area of great importance, as if they are not full and balanced, whatever you do to your eyelashes and your eyes, they will not look perfect. Eyelashes can be lifted and made even and then blocked, so that they can have a fuller appearance.

Scar tissue

This is an area of major importance as scaring can be unsightly for both men and women.  Women may experience scarring from surgical procedures to their breasts and they will certainly wish to reduce that. Abdominal scarring from an appendectomy, or a caesarian operation, will for many women is something that will affect their confidence and prevent them from enjoying the pleasures of sunbathing. All this scarring can be corrected.

It may be that you have a facial process that has left scarring and again this can be corrected.

Permanent make up is a great help to many people, but it cannot be stressed enough, that the procedures must be carried out by duly qualified and professional people in hygienic surroundings.

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